How hard do you make your exercise routines?

Shanky U.
At the beginning it was not hard as I needed to build the habit. So I just did 10 pushups every day for two weeks. The gradually kept adding up different work outs as I got more satisfaction from sticking to a healthy routine. Now it is an hour of strength training mixed with some light cardio(I just jump and dance to some music for 10 mins)
Zoha F.
Well actually I just started my workout 4 days ago and after exercise I feel great 😌 so in first 7 days exercise is too hard but when you pass the first days then you will see a big change in yourself so now exercise is not hard for .
Melissa W.
I make them easy to start, like the 1 min just get going routine.

I start with mostly cardio (jumping jacks&high knees) and some energetic music. Usually by the time i finish I am so fired up that I actually like to continue working out.

If I don't entirely feel it yet I keep going, switching between jumping jacks and high knees.

If after a while I still don't feel it, I just take the Win (doesn't matter if it's small) of completing my habit :)(doesn't matter if it was just one or a few minutes)