How do you maintain your exercise routine at the same hour?

Yasmim Y.
You start small. You keep trying until you feel as if you are in a routine. Maybe try create a routine journal and refer to that journal as much as possible so you can make it a habit. If it doesn’t work then plan the things you are going to do the next day and keep to it. And believe me it will work. “There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs”
Ernest U.
Put your body into a certain routine and don't let other things distract you make your workout the number one thing you gotta do
Holly J.
I catch the train to school so I walk down with some friends at the same time everyday to catch the same train everyday and I walk home as well
Erdmute F.
I don't because there are very different situations I am always in.
At my home/with family? Doing an excercise.
Vacation or at my boyfriend's? Lot's of walking/hiking and swimming.
Staying at friends? Stretching.
Madison X.
First I set the alarm for a reminder so I can always be alerted when it’s time for the exercise and secondly, regardless of what I may be doing at that time, I push myself to do the routine first .
Michele O.
I wake up drink my water, make breakfast than exercise as soon as I'm done eating. It links all 3 habits together so it's easier to remember to do all of them
Jessie W.
I always choose to exercise right after my classes are over. This allows me to recharge after classes and usually I am not productive during that time. One time I did not work out right after class because it was my rest day, and I couldn’t get anything done because my head was so fuzzy. Once I went on a 10 minute run, I was so productive. So my rule for myself is to exercise right after class, even if it’s for 5-10 minutes, because you’ll never regret it.