How do you decide what exercises to do each morning?

Tom N.
It depends how much time I have and how my body is feeling. Sometimes it’s a relaxing yoga stretch, sometimes it’s a quick Zumba class on youtube, sometimes a walk before I get to work if I’m busy.
Avery S.
Listen to music I stead. During the day make a playlist for night time and listen to that. Or put your phone somewhere far away and usually your mind finds something else for you to do.😊
Celina C.
Based on my muscles soreness and stiffness and how much time I have. I feel like since I’m going to work most days during the week, yoga or a good low impact stretch me out and wake me up kinda work out is the best option and going with a harder work out after work is better for me so I can shower and relax afterwards.
Elizabeth Z.
I try to keep my exercise routine based on how long I have to achieve my goal. If I have five minutes, I do some upper
or lower body strength exercises. If I have 20 minutes, I try and take a brisk walk. If it’s too early in the morning, I try to do an indoor activity. Sometimes, I forget to charge my fitness Watch, I have to wait for it to charge when I wake up, I try and use this time to prepare breakfast and when fully charge, I do an exercise that I set aside just before I’m ready to go to work.
Wilma F.
I try to do a light exercise because I know if I push myself too hard at the beginning I'll become lazy and in a few days time, will probably just push the whole exercise thing away. Download apps that give you the option of choosing the level of intensity of exercise.
Best of luck!
Esa Y.
It depends on how my body feels that day. If my shoulder hurts, I'll stretch it, and avoid exercises that put stress on it. If i have period cramps, my exercises will be to relief those. If i walked too much the previous day and my legs hurt, i will avoid putting stress on them, and do upper body exercises