What other exercises would you recommend on the go?

Astrid P.
I like to start with stretching. Especially my back, shoulders, and thighs. Then if I'm short on time, core exercises likes crunches, leg lifts, and other Pilate type exercises are good.
C Ntia Z.
what works for me are the 5 to 10 min youtube classes. i also take screenshots of sets of simple exercises for the areas i like focusing on and do them when i don't hv a lot of time or can't hit the gym
Savannah Skye N.
Wall sits are great because they really don’t require any equipment (I mean, you can find a wall literally anywhere!!) my words do they kill your thighs!!!
One legged squats (put your one leg on a bench/chair/step anything and squat (up and down on your one leg) for 30 seconds. Then, on the same leg pulse (very small up and down movements) for another 30 seconds. Repeat on the other leg
Pushups (also do Tricep pushups because I don’t know about you but I often forget all about my triceps! 😅)
I’m pretty much naming all the exercises I do in the m morning (30/35 (number depends on how I feel) sit-ups, 15 normal pushups, 15 tricep pushups and 1 minute plank) But the way my workout works is that you do as many as you can do of each until that part of you feels exhausted, and that’s the number of each exercise you do