Sticking with the exercise habit is difficult for me, because it seems to take so long to see the results of my efforts. I know I depend on instant gratification too much, how can I get over that or maybe even use that to my advantage to stay motivated?

Susana X.
Exercise has definite instant gratification with how high your mind feels after a good workout. Endorphins cause a great "feel good" feeling that you can recreate the next time you work out!
Candela Z.
It's hard at first, but it helps to find a type of exercise that you enjoy and to start with small expectations. You can do a lot in just 15-20 minutes. It also helps to have an app with a workout plan set up for the next several weeks, and then it will remind you to exercise every day.

Then, once get going, think about how good it feels after you workout. Even if you're not "seeing" the results, you can focus on how good it makes you feel after exercise, which will motivate you to do it.

Areusa Z.
Set mini goals – losing 40 pounds might put you at your final goal weight but you should celebrate losing 2 pds or 5 pds or walking up the stairs without getting winded or running one mile straight. I like to keep a list every month or note them in my planner of all these small little achievements They don't need to be big or significant just little ways that you notice yourself improving and moving forward. Some examples are: touched my toes today while stretching getting more flexible!, hit 15k steps today without even trying, ran a mile straight and I felt like I could keep running. They're nice to acknowledge and the keep me excited to see myself reach more milestones and bigger goals.
Mario A.
Honestly, when working out you are going to have to train your mind to understand that the body takes time to form new habits. Your desire to make exercising a lifestyle has to be greater than the desire to loose the weight and I say that because if you are being disciplined and consistent, you will begin to see the results you are looking to have. Exercising cannot be a chore, it has to be a lifestyle and anything you do intermittently will never stick. Be fair to yourself and set small weekly and monthly goals. Speaking from my own experience that actually helped me when it came to not seeing results immediately. I took all of my measurements with the thought in mind that at the end of each month I want to see small changes in each target area. As I set my exercise goals for the week along with eating properly and CONSISTENTLY showeing up to create a HABIT, by the end of the month I was seeing small changes in non target areas and major changes in the areas I wanted to target. I went from 187lbs and 38% body fat to 170lbs with 34% body fat in two months. For me I had never trained or exercised any of the parts of my body I wanted to change, I had only done cardio and running but never weight training and I definitely was not consistent. Getting out of your own way is important if you want to grow. I would also suggest getting an accountability partner and both of you going to exercise with the clear understanding that your partner is there to keep you focused on being consistent and disciplined. I have faith that you will reach your desired goal weight.
Rose F.
I think we mostly tend to associate the results of the efforts after exercising with our physical look. For me, I see it also from a different perspective: My Brain. Everyday I had an exercise in the morning, I tend to be more productive at my work and achieve more than what I used to achieve. I dont feel exhausted anymore. I am kinda more alert and focused. So, look at your results from different angles mate. I think thats gonna be a motivator too.
Jack Z.
Sticking to an excercise habit was also difficult for me. What i did was stop looking in the mirror right after a workout and try and focus on how I FELT. Once I finished a workout I basked in the accomplishment of getting it done and feeling energized. I recommend watch Blogilates with Cassey Ho on YouTube, because she not only has great “30 day” challenges to kickstart a workout habit, but also reinforces body positivity and the idea of not working out for vanity constantly. Her instagram is also great for encouragement. Also, remember what this app, Fabulous always says- that a true, permanent change takes time and little steps. Good luck!
Karolin R.
When I struggle with motivation because I don’t see results right away, I remind myself of what I KNOW: if I don’t exercise I KNOW nothing will change. If I do exercise consistently, I KNOW I can’t fail.
Jacob B.
Think of exercise as means to improve your health, start with little, something that you can easily do consistently and add to that little by little. Use your instant gratification motivation by taking your final goal and dividing it into smaller milestones. And don't get discouraged it is not a straight line and it does not have to be perfect. Good luck.
Marvin G.
For me it is more about having fun with the exercises you are doing. Exercise can be dancing around the kitchen when whilst you are cooking or taking a walk in a beautiful setting. For instant gratification do something that is intense such as T25 or insanity and stick to it. It hurts at first if your body isnt used to it but I will be damned it is fun
Ida Y.
Don't think of the results if you are just in your beginning stages , think of making it a habit first. Which means making the exercise easy to do so that you'll be able to commit to it. Once you've built yourself a strong chain of doing these easy exercises you can up the difficulty. It's good to think of goals because it provides us with a look of what's to come. But I find that rather in the way when truly going for doing what it is I'm doing. so enjoy the process. The journey is the destination
Th O C.
Your target is like a big rock on your chest if you spend 7 minutes only everyday on exercising your body you're breaking part of that big rock and every part you break you'll feel your breathing become easier and lighter
Ken Q.
Don't worry about not seeing instant results. You are making Progress. Just keep on improving on your yesterdays. Day by day. Time flies, and before you know you will be amazed at the results. 🙂
Rosalyn J.
I wonder the same, especially sinxe I love running. But there are times when I just stop. And getting back started has become impossible. To help combat my ways, I have partnered with a friend. We registered for a 15k and now have a standing schedule to run every Saturday. We have also planned travel based on future runs. Yay!
Selma A.
For me, I like to focus on the positives. Once I've pushed through the hard part of exercise, I've got endorphins making me feel better better, loads of energy, and I even find I'm breathing easier. So, I just really focus on those feelings so I can recall them whenever it's time to exercise.
Ga Tan P.
Do you find that exercising gives you any short term benefits? I find that my morning yoga session helps me to feel mentally strong and calm to face the day. It has long term physical results too, but I find the short term benefits motivating enough. Could you apply this to your own exercise sessions?
Normano S.
We should not think about results instead concentrate on how light your body feels each day when you rest after a exercise session. Make the exercise more fun like some dance exercises for example Zumba. Even if you stick to a different exercise which might not be fun, just say to yourself that you are doing really great by doing that exercise each time. Appreciate yourself, if you are mentally fit, your body will start showing physical results.
Alberte Z.
It’s difficult for me too !
I choose different type or exercises and try them . Yoga , swim , walking and dancing . In all of them joy are mor important for me .
But my choice depends on my time , my money , my children and my ability . You have to choose your type with your joy at the moment to continue it until give your purpose !
After many days it will be fix in your daily habit .
My offer for you is dance or walking !
Step by step . 😉
Gertraude U.
Definitely a tough call. One of the things is don't use scales to see success. As our weight can go up and down so easily. See more how clothes fit or your body shape changes.

Unfortunately I think this is what puts most people off sticking at it.

Capucine Y.
Focus on doing each movement in the best form you can, you'll learn to enjoy the process become almost competitive with yourself. Also try promising yourself you'll only do ten minutes then you can go home. You very rarely will actually want to stop after ten minutes 🙂
Mia E.
I use an app called Mango Health (I need it to keep track of my medication) and it keeps track of habits too, I have a goal of 5,000 steps a day, that's around 40min of walking and everytime I reach it I get 5 points. It's been helping me a lot to keep walking everyday coz otherwise I don't get my points. You could try something like that, set a daily goal and try to reach it everyday. I hope it helps 🙂
Rebeca Q.
Don't see it as a long term promise that needs to be fulfilled – that only makes it seem daunting and impossible. Instead, take it day by day. Exercise before you put your clothes on and when you go to bed. If you have ten minutes to spare, exercise during the day as well. By taking 20 minutes you would otherwise have wasted and using them to exercise, you will instantly feel like the day is a successful one. And it isn't that hard at all if you just see it as a way to pass otherwise wasted time, instead of some sort of goal. This also makes it easier to forgive yourself if you don't succeed – after all, you are only doing this to feel better.
So if you forget or skip a day, that is fine! Don't worry about it. Just make clear for yourself why. Did you really not have the time, or were you tired? Try to see if it is something you can change, and you sure will succeed the next time 🙂