I have problem doing exercise in the morning because my job is very physical (I work at a restaurant). So I feel like I’m exercising all day at work. I guess this is one of my many excuses but that is how I feel. And I also have some ”injuries” because of my job. My knees and my wrists hurts occasionally and it’s making it hard for me to do exercises without putting more pressure on my poor limbs. I am 27 years old btw, not an old lady lol. How do I solve this?

Jessica C.
My husband works in construction and has a very physically demanding job. He also goes through long phases of working crazy long hours, night shifts, leadership and timeline stress, and working many days in a row. He finds that working out (lifting weights) is essential for keeping himself injury-free. Consider your time working out as an investment in yourself and prevention against injuries which cause a huge loss in time, productivity, and fun! He has recently added yoga to his lifestyle and feels even more fabulous!
Dave A.
Sometimes I don't have time to do exercise so what should I do n even. Sometimes I feel that it's too boring to do exercise can you help me?
Clarence O.
I also find it hard to workout in the morning, but if you enjoy what you're going to do or if you have a friend to do it with, it becomes a lot easier! Regarding the pain, you should look into low impact training or perhaps some dancing, you need to find your type of exercise: the one that makes your body and soul happy!
Wilhelm N.
I'm also 27(male),and where in the same boat 2 years ago. Worked in retail and had a lot knee/back issues relating to standing around. Exercise has definitely helped me get better.

Start by identifying which training exercises puts pressure on your injured spots and do something else. For example, don't do squats if your knee hurts, or push ups if your wrist hurts.
A fysioterapeut can definitely help with this. (if you have a job you can set off some money to pay for a few consultations. Remember you will benefit from it)

Instead of running, try spinning or cycling. It doesn't put as much pressure on your knees. If you have access to it, swimming is also really good.

Also try to exercise other body parts that do not rely on this limbs. Core for example.
Do sit-ups or planks. They are good for you and should not hurt your injured parts.

Do exercise your injured parts as well, but do so slowly and controlled. If it _hurts_ (not tiredness) you stop and do something else.

Good luck!

Elenore O.
I have a similar issue since I also work a physically demanding job. I find doing low or no impact exercises like yoga or swimming the easiest on my joints while still being challenging. I also want to incorporate more strength training into my routine.

I also try to make sure that I stretch at the end of the work day. That helps with the stiffness that comes from repetitive movements.

Emilie X.
try going to a chiropractor if you can afford one and if not have one of your friends or family members stretch and massage what hurts so you can get the rest you need.
Ea E.
I've been working as a bartender and waiter for a few years, my motivator to exercise outside of work was counting my steps, always setting a bit higher goal than I expected to manage at work, but in the morning I only did yoga cause it helped both stretch and strengthen my body without overstraining it. My main motivator was knowing I wouldn't be so tense when I got of work things stopped hurting
Julian S.
Start off with something small! Like stretching in the morning. And then evolve the stretching into an easy yoga flow & then a more complex yoga flow. At some point you may feel like you need something more and this will evolve into a more high intensity workout. But to start it seems like stretching is the best compliment to your high intensity job 🙂
Savanna N.
I have a similar situation with my job. I've found yoga to be a good route for most days, then I work on HIT when I'm feeling like my body is recovered enough for it. Yoga is great because it's low impact, so it helps with working on sore joints!
Alaa J.
Hey there !! I work at home all time I go upstairs and downstairs I feel the same as you ! Stretching 15 min everyday is The perfect morning routine for you, yoga morning can do as well, having a good run on the weekends can help you.
Kyal F.
For me I am more of a evening workout person and it works pretty well , makes me sleep better and eat better . If u r tired from work in the evening, try out Yoga , it’s more suitable for u I guess
Michelle L.
I have bad knees and joints. I got one of those desk cycles, and I pedal it while watching TV on the couch. I know it’s not the most intense exercise, but it’s something. It really helps me feel less stiff if I have been standing or sitting too long. I hope that is helpful.
Linda U.
Maybe work on stretches and exercise that rests those areas. You know what muscles you exercise at work so target other areas on your own.
Lisa Q.
I would suggest that you think of exercise as something fun to move your body. You could do swimming or yoga so you’re not putting stress on your limbs.
Deb W.
I consider stretching an exercise. Maybe just start your day with some seated stretches to prep you for being on your feet all day.
Jessica P.
Adopt an anti-inflammatory diet. Stay away from dairy, wheat/gluten and sugar. Drink ginger water everyday. Include ginger, garlic and turmeric in your meal planning. 💕
Arifah F.
Go to the doctor and get it checked. You may need some physical therapy (I had to do it after tearing a muscle in my shoulder). Once you get the all okay, you can start planning a workout that works for you (consult your doctor or therapist). I had a knee injury as well and I started by doing low impact workouts. The moment I felt stronger, I gradually included high impact movements to my exercises. As for managing the pain in your wrist, get down onto your forearms.
Jessica O.
I used to work at a restaurant and had the same issues, my wrists and knees were constantly sore and it made working out difficult. I ended up finding some low and no impact exercise routines that ate easy on my wrists and knees but still allow me to get a really good workout in. If you search low impact workout on youtube you should be able to find some free routines to see if they work for you!
Carl G.
As I as well have worked in a restoraunt for quite some time now, I can tell you that working out or doing any activity as such is a very difficult thing to do. I would try seeking a proffesional advice.
Lorenza Z.
You could do water sports, or just walk fast in the water. In this way the weight of your body does not weigh on the legs and knees
Emma T.
I found that combining 3 physical activities really worked for me. This method according to the Washington Post is scientifically shown to help individuals achieve their longtime goals. Ask yourself: where do I want to be physically? And combine activities that work out a particular region as well as others. Then switch up those activities if you get bored. I did Tennis + Biking + Kayaking. I understand not everybody has access to, say, a kayak and a lake, especially in metropolitan areas so find a way that works for you!
Douglas P.
I have some similar issues with exercising. I'm 29 and when I was in high school I played soccer and softball and was always working out. Now I feel achy after work and get concerned about saving my energy. I've had to rethink what I know "exercise" to be. I don't have to run a few miles or pump major iron for it to count. Now I focus on doing short, lowkey bursts of activity to different muscle groups to avoid tiring out one area. 10-15 squats waiting for the coffee to brew. 10-15 wall push ups. 20-30 calf raises. Nothing that will get me tired, but things that start to get the blood moving to those areas.
Alo S S.
I think walking is going to be great exercise for you specially in the early morning , it will help clear your mind before going to work.
Andr W.
When I was working in a restaurant back in the days, my physical activity were mainly swimming. It does a great job to protect your limbs and especially your joints. Take a great care of your foot, especially at work. I don't know for you, but your feet will walk on mixtures of food and powerfull detergent and water all day. Go see a podiatrist. Foot problem always result in poor quality of life being older.
Sheryl J.
I think in the morning you could do a stretching activity ( such as yoga). This is could count as an exercise and it might help your limbs not hurt if you stretch them out in the morning. It also has been proven to restore your energy. Also working in a restaurant is a very good exercise because you practically are walking all day and that is a good cardio exercise. Hope this helps!
Vernon T.
I’m restricted to stationary exercises because I have a foot injury. I can workout in the morning if that is more beneficial than later. I need ideas to exercise my upper body and do a core workout sitting down in a chair. Before breakfast is that good.? I feel I need to feed my body nutrients before a workout.
Trinity U.
I think you can do some stretching and yoga that doesn’t affect your knees but I think stretching will help a lot . I don’t really what to do about that but I hope it gets better.
Kirra X.
Your exercise doesn’t have to be a workout – I think of it as simply moving your body, getting that mind-body connection going, and possibly getting some endorphins if it feels right. I highly recommend “yummy” yoga – look up Yoga with Adriene on YouTube “Yoga for the Service Industry” – it’s a very calm
practice and it’s great for taking care of the body from work