I was wondering if you had any good detox water recipes and if you know how to build your core strength via planking? Your response would be much appreciated.

Bessie B.
Just stay hydrated and make sure you’re getting your electrolytes (found in sports drinks) mix half Gatorade half water for hydration especially for the hot outdoors. As for core strength do a variety of core exercises and stretch your back more as well and you will find it easier to hold a plank more over time. A good core exercise is to stay in a crunch position while taking turns tapping your left then right heel. It helps the sides of your core become stronger and will make the left and right planks easier as well.

Magnus C.
Lemon and cayenne pepper in the water. Tastes horrible but works well. I honestly just chug it and then do a mint or mouthwash and it works. Also for planking just go step by step. I always do my first day as a baseline and then try to add 10-15 seconds each day. You can also play around with going from flat hands to your elbows and back. That will work your shoulders as well as your core.

Terry S.
Well hello. I can’t give you any information on planking as today was the first time in my life I’ve ever “planked”. 🙂

As for detox water recipes, I actually don’t like to mess with my water. I drink filtered water, but otherwise, I think people do to much to some of the most fundamental gifts of life-like pure clean water….so I don’t add anything to my water. Just drink it straight 🙂

Caroline U.
I am building my core strength by using an Ab Challenge. It is a 30 day workout, which includes planks, crunches, sit ups, and leg raises. It is greatly improving my core strength, and I am at day 23. I found it on Facebook, so I am sure you could Google some. Best of luck to you!

Sara Z.
I like to use lemon and mint or cucumber and mint in my water. It makes it so tasty that I drink a ton more and it helps flush everything out.

Jenny B.
Detox water recipes I have a few, putting lemon and cucumbers into water or mint and lemon, can help a lot. Im not sure about the plank part of the question but if yoyouearch on hoohle you can find many different ways to plank and sure one will help wih what u want

Rocco T.
I enjoy a cucumber lemon water detox. It’s important to drink a full glass before every meal for maximum benefits. I usually integrate planking with yoga and Pilates for the best core work out.

Lana W.
Water with lemon, a touch of maple syrup and maybe some cayenne…or just lemon and lime juice. When doing planks get some coaching if you've never done them and make sure your alignment is spot on. Make sure you're using a belly breath. (Yoga breath)

Sophie J.
The best detox water I have ever tried is with lemon & cayenne pepper. I also like Ginger with mint. You can mix and match thm and adjust the strength to your liking…As far as planning is concerned, I'm not too familiar with it. Livestrong.com has a request article that shows/ discusses proper planking technique and benefits.

Hakan J.
I do not know much about detox water excep limon water because I do not use them but since I am a swimmer and I workout every day I can say that to target abs while plaking you need to squeeze them as hard as you can.

Delores E.
Detox Water: I'm sorry, but I don't think detox water has health or taste-benefits over regular water or tea. I would rather want to eat that fruit for it's taste and nutrients (and drink enough water or tea, of course).
Planking: I'm not an expert on planking, sorry. I do some yoga and some bodyweight training, because I believe, that it is effective to have a variety of exercises for core strength.

F Lvio P.
I have recently come upon drinking distilled water. I’ve read up on many benefits. Drinking distilled water pulls impurities/toxins that corrode our insides. I have also read that water is alive. We can enhance our water by blessing it.
A friend taught me this water blessing, which can actually be sung to the water… at least that how it was taught to me. It goes something like this…

“Bless this water
So fresh, clean, and free
As it flowed through our Mother Earth
It will flow through me.”

Raising the vibration of water we drink. There have been studies that water reacts to emotions. And being that our bodies are mostly water, this actually makes a lot of sense to me.

In regard to building your core via planking… yes yes yes yes yes! Take a Pilates class to learn the correct form in planking. 🙂

Mia U.
Lemon water is an easy detox water that I’ve used for years.

As for planking start by doing it for 10 seconds and add 10 seconds every day. I can now plank for > 1 min!

Vivan T.
A great detox water i use is cucumber, lemon, and mint. Or cucumber, lemon, and lime.

Planks are great for core strength. Start with 30 seconds and gradually increase the time.

Alwine F.
The best water recipe I got is simply water with lemon. As for planking, I recommend starting on your elbows/forearms. As your core strengthens, use straight arms like a push-up. Then start elevating your legs. The hardest, planking with your legs higher than you. I use stairs to help me get that elevation.

Camila Z.
My father, who is a great advocate of Ayurvedic medicine has encouraged me, since childhood to drink warm lemon water upon waking first thing in the morning.
This helps detox the liver, the main cleaning organ of your body. There are many other drinks throughout the day that can also help detox. My favorite is my my smoothies. It is packed with micronutrients and better than coffee when it comes to boosting your energy and cleansing your body of toxins.
I could probably write a book on this topic alone.

As far planking for core strength…it does help me maintain core strength and is recommended by most fitness experts in order to do so.
There are many options to strengthen your core as well. I am an advocate of utilizing ways to promote a good body workout that is productive and multifaceted. I abhor the gym and would much rather clean the house. I garden, landscape, do yoga, clean the house…
You would be surprised how well these provide a whole body conditioning. Mopping the kitchen floor builds my core…digging out bushes in my backyard or tilling the soil for sowing seeds….
These all build your core .

Sebee Boudreaux

Ansgar J.
So I like using cucumber, ginger, and mint for a detox. That's my favorite. Honestly you cant go wrong with any fresh ingredients. As for building up your core, start slow. See how long you can hold a plank. Remember that time, and then there are plank exercises that I follow. Like this video: https://youtu.be/ynUw0YsrmSg

Curt S.
I've heard contradicting things about detoxing. I haven't gotten around to researching whether it has any real effect on the body. I'm not sure about building core strength either. I know planking contributes to your core strength, but I wonder if you would need to include side planks to get a total core workout.

Edir Q.
Cucumber is always a good anti inflammatory detox water. I put cucumber lemon and fresh sprigs of mint together for a refreshing water detox. As far as planking, it’s important to have the proper form when planking to build the most core and not hurt your shoulders. I would recommend looking at videos or pictures online to accomplish this.

Joan U.
Lime and lemon is such a great detox water recipe. You should start with 30seconds and then build it up every to 1 minute and so on

Lesa U.
I don’t know about water detox recipes, I’ve just been drinking very cold ice water from an insulated cup that keeps it really cold and I’m finding that having begun the habit with Fabulous by drinking water first thing in the morning, I am drinking so much more water now.

I also don’t really know much about planking- however I think just keep trying and naturally over time your core strength will increase and you will be able to improve stamina. With anything, keep trying and don’t give up!

Ernst Otto N.
I don’t know any good detox water recipes, sorry. I always find that doing some type of ab workout daily is the best way

Frank T.
Hello! I recommend trying apple cider vinegar, don’t have too much though! What I highly recommend is a ginger honey tea, but it HAS to be homemade! It is a really heavy drink but it does MIRACLES. 1) Get good quality ginger, peel it, and chop it up (not too small)
2) Put a good amount of water into a saucepan and add the chopped ginger. Boil it based on personal preference. (Less time means it’s has less ginger, while more means it is more infused. Keep it mind it can be kind of “spicy” if kept for too long. 3) add honey (again based on personal preference) and mix it up. Keep this in a jar and drink it daily. To build your core strength via plank is a good idea. Try starting out small, perhaps 30 second plank for a few days then increase to a 1 minute, and so on and so forth. Try listening to music while doing it and maybe even watch a movie/favorite show during longer ones. I hope this helped!

Billy G.
Detoxing is done naturally so don't worry too much about going crazy on buying loads of different things, the best way to ensure that your body continues to flush out the unwanted waste is to keep your hydration levels up and drink plenty of water throughout the day.
Just remember not to drink too much as you begin to wind down for the night or you will be up and down for the loo, and solid sleep is important for your body to reset and energise!

In regards to to building your core strength planking is one of the best ways, but many people get it wrong.
Ensure that your hips are not raised or dipping too much, as you first brace into the plank position take a deep breath in and think as if your trying to make your stomach solid. Also, your core isnt just your abs, its everything! So also think about contracting every muscle you can whilst planking.
Set yourself a goal for time planking. E.g week 1- 3×20 second plank everyday, week 2 – 3×30 second plank everyday etc.
Do this aswell as usual workouts and it will improve.

Hope this helps