What if you feel really sore after your exercise routine?

Mariana X.
Sometimes I do feel sore during my morning exercises. But then I remember about a tasty breakfast which is waiting for me. And it helps to keep going 😊😊😏
Jacob A.
You may be working out too hard. You should feel some soreness, but not to the point where you can’t function for days.

Go slow, don’t push yourself too hard. You are more likely to give up when you feel bad after working out. You want to feel “good sore” and excited to start again.

Remember, you won’t “feel” the workout until the next day or two and you won’t “see” results for quite possibly a few months.

It’s not a race, it’s a marathon.

This is to live a longer, healthier life, not to just look better for a few days.

Amalie F.
It depends on the level of soreness you are experiencing, if you are doing a full excersise such as weightlifting, then you should do very light exercise on the next day such as walking swimming etc. If you are doing lighter exercises like Hits or yoga and are still to sore to work out the next day, it would probably be because you are either lacking on recovery food/sleep or you are starting with an excersise that is to intense for what your body is capable of recovering at that moment. Consistency is key in working out and your body will adjust but make sure you approach it slowly and build up, even if you start with excersise that seems to easy it's better to move up to some thin g harder then to start with harder exercises just to lose motivation or feel to sore/injured.
Lea P.
The best way to get rid of it is by exercising again. And not pushing a lot… your body is going to accept the exercises better. With patience and persistence.
Pauline I.
That’s normal. Don’t go too hard on yourself but also don’t be self pity. As you get used to the rhythm the soreness will be less of a problem.
Klaus A.
I suggest to do some simple, gentle stretching exercises to relieve the tension in your body, and to have shower or a bath with hot water so that your muscles will unclench and relieve most of the soreness
Kelly P.
Adjust the intensity. It's better to slowly push yourself harder than to just do it once, get a negative feeling linked to the activity, and never do it again. Doesn't matter how "little" you are doing. It's already a world of difference to not doing anything.
Eleanor W.
I know this can be really uncomfortable, but that's just your body getting used to a new activity level.

The best ways I’ve found to reduce this soreness is to stay hydrated before, during and after. Eating/drinking a protein snack before helps quite a bit, too.

Of course, the day after you're not going to work out at all. However, I urge you to consider light exercise that will keep you on target while loosening you up. A walk or yoga would be my suggestion.

Good luck, and never give up!