How do you exercise if you’re under 14 and can’t get a gym membership? I just feel the need to get fit but don’t know how to do it.

Lusanda N.
It’s doable to get healthy without a gym. For example I don’t have a gym membership, I do all my workouts at home all thanks to YouTube. There are plenty of fitness YouTube channels that offer workouts you can do at home and also help you with what foods to eat. Check out GrowingAnnanas, GrowwithJo, Lily Sabri (if you like Pilates), there are so many of them. And the nice thing about the ones I mentioned above they offer workout plans you can stick to making its less stressful for you.
Hope this helps 🫶🏾
Ana Lle S.
I would suggest getting a personal trainer if comfortable with it. I work with a personal trainer and it works perfectly for me
M N.
As a fitness instructor, I would suggest a sport for children to exercise. Its always better to exercise with others. It keeps you honest and accountable. An organized sport will have conditioning practices to keep you fit. It will also help teach you how to exercise, proper form, and team work. It will also be more fun!
Bobbie Z.
When i was 14 i usually tried to do workouts at home! Even though I didnt have materials, i would find things around the house to use to assist my workout! Hope this helped!!
Astrid W.
There are so many ways to be fit doing exercise at your home…some of my suggestions are (1) yoga- it is really good for physical and even mental health and also (2) you can just do workout at hone like squats, abs exercises, push ups , skipping, etc and combined make it your workout routine (you can search for more exercises on google and choose what best suits you) and also (3) zumba- you can do zumba it's like you can workout and at the same time it's fun…there are many videos of zumba on YouTube so you can get that (i really enjoy doing zumba)….that's all I want to say right now you can choose based on your preference…I hope this helps you….enjoy your workout….have a great day