What exercise works best for you in the morning?

Nanna G.
I get on the floor and move around like I'm a kid. I don't overdo it, but I try to stretch, roll, lift my legs, crawl. Sort of like yoga but without all the "seriousness."

Theresa Y.
At the moment is yoga. I love stretching, it helps my flexibility and I feel good after yoga. There’re many sets of yoga poses to do, we have flexibility to choose which set we want to do every morning, so it’s fun! And the best is, it only requires one piece of yoga mat to start. Cheap and convenient isn’t it?

Raimund N.
Start with Some stretching, then put The music on and dance. I also use dumbells. Take a long number or two short ones.

Roberta T.
I have mainly been doing the 7 minute exercise that starts off with the jumping jack. I would rather have the option to practice a yoga routine in stead.

Jessica W.
It depends on how I'm feeling heading into work. I usually arrive at the gym at about 6:30AM so I find that if I plan out my workouts I am more productive, and I always finish with a treadmill Sprint for a nice endorphin rush right before hitting the shower.

Nikolaj Q.
I have a hard time getting anything in in the morning so whatever you have time for. Pre for your ideal workout and hit it in the least amount of time needed. Spring into sun salute flow yoga always makes me feel energized and thankful for the day to come.

Elba Q.
Para mim o que funciona melhor é uma caminhada. Calço os meus ténis, meto os meus phones e oiço a minha música favorita ou um podcast enquanto caminho.
Fica mais motivaste quando vamos para outra cidade e a caminhada serve para conhecermos melhor o local.
Quando perdes a motivação, foca-te em pequenas tarefas como “sair para beber um café” ou ir até um shopping ver montras, tudo que te inspire a caminhar.

Eduardo W.
I normally go for a bike ride in the morning after I stretch. Definitely helps kick start my day and my body. Along with a glass of water as soon as I wake up.

Ricky Z.
Well i usually go for a walk around my neighborhood in the morning. I also live within 3 miles of my work so there have been mornings where I chose to walk to work. Always bringing a water bottle with me.

Oseas Y.
I usually do 7min exercises,which includes 30sec exercises and 10 sec breathers. Its a good way to start the day. It gives you the energy to starr the day on a good note.

Cassiana P.
I would like to try HIIT, because from what I read, it helps to build up the muscles, and improve heart condition as well

Shane N.
Short, low-intensity exercises are ideal to start. I have another app that guides me with short exercising and gets slightly more intense every day. It's also a good idea to do these exercises in the morning around the same hour, or at night if you have a busy schedule.

Emily C.
It’s really a problem. Except when I go to the gym. Looking for something i can do as soon as I get out of bed before I even get dressed.

I’m thinking of getting an exercise band.

Good luck

Owen E.
I like to stretch in the morning. I feel like it gets the blood flowing after sleeping all night. Then I like to do 3 sets/15 reps of dumbell curls. Followed by 10-20 push up, followed by 30-40 crunches. Then I will repeat this process 3 times

Herbert U.
Walking is best. It's low impact and gives me a chance to wase into my day. I can do a walking video or walk around the neighborhood so I don't have to go far to complete the goal.

Leo Q.
Weights + a short cardio in the end might be better for an owl, because that workout wouldn't exhaust you too fast. For early birds out there a good run/other type of cardio session might be good. I personally prefer the first option, but, hey, I'm an owl. But there's an option which is great for everyone: if there's a good barre stretching studio not far from you, do that in the morning and disregard everything else I've said before.) Good luck!

Jovina O.
An easy run works best for me. Minimal preparation, you can do as little or as much as you want and it doesn't involve going somewhere in your car. Then you're done for the day unless you want to do more later.

Angela U.
Jumping jacks a bit past the point I'd have stopped from getting tired. They limber me up and can feel it working muscle and it's great cardio. I round it out with some push-ups and squats for a quick morning warm up for the day.

Carolin T.
Push-ups or squat jumps get my blood flowing and get me sort of pumped up weirdly lol 😋 I guess I’m that kind of person

Annie B.
The truth is any exercise is good. The simpler the better. I have restarted this journey several times, and the only way to keep it up, has been to do any exercise consistently. I prefer walking. So even when I'm running late, I'd rather do 5-10 minutes in the morning than just leave it for later. I know if I start the day the right way, it'll be easier to keep on going and do a little more in the afternoon. If I just leave it for later, chances are I'll do nothing. Walking and yoga are my favorites.

Josh O.
Something planned where someone is expecting your commitment always works for me.
I like strength exercises or a long steady bike ride.

Friedemann Y.
Low intensity ab and leg workouts with some nice music of your choice. Always make sure to stretch at the end of the session so you don’t hurt yourself.

Franca Z.
So far yoga… i love the way the stretching and mindfulness sets me right for the day ahead. However, I do desire a more lightyly intense/active workout somedays. Looking to begin that in ththe near future. But for now… yoga feels best for me.

Ritthy U.
Definitely Yoga, when u do Yoga in the morning it feels like that's when u woke up and now you're conscious and ready to make decisions for your day. Regular exercise and stretches are good too and really energize you but Yoga is something else

Felix Z.
Push ups, abs exercises, stretching, and just jumping around! All these really made me felt like I had a boost to whatever is coming next!

Selma F.
Dog walking and a core pair of exercises. The dog walking I already do, it warms me up but then a nice complementary pair of core exercises is the perfect push on a muscle group we all neglect significantly but is important for us!

Joe U.
For me, morning is about getting things moving. My system does not snap to attention. So, light stretching and calisthenics followed by a short walk is just right. Cardio training and resistance work come later in the day. The next thing I'd like to add to my morning exercise is a song or encouraging quote said out loud with a feeling of declaring a positive tone.

Elizabeth F.
Ellbow planks work really well. I increase the duration every now and then.

There's also an app called "sixpack in 30 days" which I enjoy a lot.

Ian P.
The best exercise for me in the morning is a nice brisk walk or slow jog on the treadmill. I feel like it warms up my muscles, gets them ready for the day, and keeps me energized all day.

Chloe S.
Running works best for me in the morning as its easily accessible and doesn't require any equipment. I can just put my running clothes on, put my dog on his lead and go. It's easy to measure improvements to and gives me time to listen to music that I would not usually be able to do at 5:30am.