How did you start running ?

Cida C.
I have never been an physically active person after my school days. Most of my days were spent in the lab. The New Balance 10K running plan helped me with a beginners approach to geared up for running and I moved on to running 10KM and later 21 KM Runs.
Hugh X.
I haven't started yet. But to start firstly start by walking for a day for 30 minutes. Then gradually increase the speed and and the time. Continue at a change for atleast 2 days. Do not over every yourself.
Maria W.
I used a playlist design to go from walking to running. The music was motivating and the day was beautiful. The ocean was in front of me and other people nearby were jogging. I started running
Brian M.
Well , i started by downloading a workout app and motivated my self that I wanna be a better version of me , and yah, I started !!
Amelia J.
I started running because I had a roommate who said it helped with anxiety. So I gave it a shot and it really helped me. I started with fairly short distances 1-2 miles, but soon wanted to run for a lot longer, increasing to 3-5 miles.
Constance C.
I participated in a group program called couch to 5k. At first we would alternate between running and walking, with the first week‘s running intervals only lasting a minute at a time. Over the course of ten weeks, the walking decreased while the running intervals grew longer, so by the end of the program I could run 3 miles. Getting into running with a group made it a lot easier and much more fun than starting on my own would have been.
Rosemary W.
I knew that I would never feel like it in the beginning. I knew that it was going to be difficult but it would get easier if I kept going. And I knew it was SO worth it. I just sat and thought about how good I would feel for the rest of my day afterwards.
Amaury E.
Personally, I don't like running because it's boring. Besides, I have an ankle injury I don't want to make worse. I do yoga and play Just dance from my Nintendo Switch which is a great way to work out in a fun way.
Charlie O.
Walking first and then running a minute walking 2 minutes. The couch 2 5k app can help with this. It feels good to work out and release stress. Don’t expect to change in a day just do one day at a time
Tyrone E.
I was seeing how long i could jump and would sprint like 50 m each time. Then id throw a tennis ball the air and sprint down to catch it. I feel like that makes ut funner than running around town.
Leonara S.
I wasn’t able to run because I really don’t like it , but I choosed the bike instead and it’s awesome it really helps me to wake up 🙂
Bertolino T.
I used a couch-to-5k type program. It alternates walking and running and builds up gradually. Now I use a heart rate monitor, because it's too easy to overdo it. If you don't go gradually and within your recommended heart rate zones, you end up being over tired and dreading running instead of enjoying it.