Do you count small workouts throughout the day as part of your total exercise?

민아 Anjali N.
I do! Because any movement with intention that I make is still more than doing nothing! Studies have shown that small workouts intermittently are better than long workouts for people starting at a beginner's level ♡♡♡♡
Ezio T.
Of course! We should be moving all the time. Taking a walk, dancing on our favourite song, doing some cardio or strength exercises, as well as yoga count. I personally like to mix up my routine to feel more motivated. One some days I have more energy and on the other days I simply try to go for a shirt walk around my street. Despite everything, spending a few minutes outside should become part of that routine. Good luck and keep in your mind that the bed times are never going to last forever 😉
Mae P.
I definitely do. Usually,
I'm supposed to pick my nephew up every morning and it's about 2000 steps in total along the way, my normal morning walk is about 1850 steps on a good day. So I just count that walk to get my nephew as my morning walk.