Do you have any body weight exercise options that are short (less than 10 minutes) workout suitable for morning exercise? I usually go with the 7 min workout, but I want to vary a bit.

Charles C.
I like doing squats, sometimes with a 5 pound weight in each hand which I lift as I go down into the squat. That's two exercises in one. Jumping Jack's is also very good and easy to do under normal circumstances. I am new to yoga and find it very challenging.
Tobias Z. has great workout videos for free! I love working out with these videos. You can search by length of time, body area/muscle group, difficulty level, and what kind of weight you want to use (body weight, dumbbell, kettle bell, etc.). I highly recommend them!
Brooke P.
I don't do body weight excersise but I do walk in the morning before school and after. I walk for about five minutes. I don't really time myself but I am pretty sure that is five minutes or less or a minute more.
Martin R.
Fitocracy has some great options, but just choosin 10 squats, toe touches, push ups, side lunges (each side) and a 30-second plank is my go-to.
Emma F.
I love Lumowell videos for aerobic and strength training. Free on You Tube, easy to follow and several time limit op toons.
Jared Z.
Turning is the most effective way to lose weight.
Turn wine into water
Turn beer into tea or coffee
Turn processes good into fresh food.
Turn 5 a day into 10 a day
S Nia N.
I use an app called workout for women, it has different workout and some are long and some are short. I suggest you check that out or find a similar app
Tom S Q.
exerciseHIIT circuits are simple and fast, if you trying to do seven minutes pick like two or three exercises and do like 20 seconds each with like a 30 second rest in between sets till you reach 7 minutes.
Yesterday a trainer taught me a trick called the deck of death, and basically you take a deck of cards and assign each suit a exercise what ever number you draw that’s how many you do and just do it through out the day to get yourself moving. Hope that helped 💜
Dora T.
I usually skip the bus and walk to work. This makes it easy for me to stick with it, since I just need to leave the house a few minutes earlier.
Ria T.
Yes!! You should visit the site It’s a free nonprofit website that specializes in providing body weight only exercises.

They also have programs specific for general daily exercise, working your back & core, abs, cardio, and daily challenges. They’re all free and they’re all body weight based. And they usually don’t ever take that long.

The website has routines, pictures, and instructions. Also, if you get into or are thinking about it, I suggest reading the “Get started” info. I didn’t and just got started… then I had to go back and read it.

It was so much more helpful to read it because it explained their philosophy, how their exercises should be run, and their thought process on how the workouts were designed.

Hope this helps!

Johanne Z.
Go from easy to hard and Be consistent. Cause if you start 1 exercise and then stop doing it, you will become fat faster than before you started exercising. I use the app ”30 days challenge (leap fitness group”, search it with this. It is free. ) I’ve been exercising regularly thanks to it. Give it a try.
Felix Z.
My exercises are usually yoga based. I'll do sun salutations or sometimes a stretching yoga routine. If you search for Yoga with Adrienne, she provides a wide variety of yoga routines (long or short) for people with different experiences.
Wanda E.
I also wanted to vary my morning exercises. I really like doing yoga once and a while, and although it is a less intense form of exercise, it is a really nice way to start off the mornings. This app (Fabulous) has one yoga routine, but if you want more just YouTube, “Ten minute yoga”, and a whole bunch of routines should pop up. I hope this helped!
Aubree Z.
I did the same thing. When I got to the point where I needed a change, I started using 7 minute workouts on YouTube. I hope this helps!
Sofie W.
I have also use 7 Minute Workout apps for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). I like the app by Wahoo (orange colored) because the paid version has 4 routines that I can select to change up my exercises. It also has a blank routines that we can create our own routine in. I don’t know how that works.

Check it out. You might like the exercises.

Alternatively, there are various exercise apps that would give you the body weight exercises you want in completely different formats.

Heather O.
100 BURPEES!!!

Totally legimite, non-joking, and awesome option aside, if you have another longer workout later in the day, I’d use the morning short one to do some mobility work. I use elastic bands to do very light shoulder and hip exercises. (Plug: GOWOD is a great app too)

If that is your only workout, I’d go for something intense to get the heart rate up. Burpees definitely do the trick 🙂

Stephanie E.
I suggest you try a few of those workout apps out there: they offer all sorts of workouts. I checked out their different trials before finding one That suited my needs.
Esther Y.
I plan to go to the gym everyday after work, so my morning exercise can be shorter, more of a get your heart rate, set the tone for the day, type of workout. I will try the 7 or 8 minute workouts in the future. For now I just to arms and legs and abs they way I see fit abs then and stretching after. Stretching is very important. I can feel how tight my body, especially my legs are. That will lead to more injuries. My plan is to work back up to PiYo every morning, but for now, I’m happy with the 10 minute mornings, to get the habit formed.
Gabriel Q.
Unfortunately no, will be nice to know. At the moment I’m correcting weight with diet, changing all my meals to buckwheat with veggie salad, limiting coffee, sugar and fat food. But it’s about 2 kilos to lose usually, as I’m checking my weight every morning and not allowing myself to grow bigger then that, also considering that the second part of the period we all gaining a bit weight naturally.
Alfred B.
I tend to do minimum 40 mins in the gym. I also just moved into condo with a gym so I would have the convenience of being able to access it anytime. So unfortunately Im not familiar with shorter workouts – its a great idea though and those short exercises will reap huge benefits over time!
Elizabeth U.
Yes, try the yoga routine as a other option (or look online for power yoga) I'm currently doing the piramid push up scheme, alternating with that and doing pistol squads/lunges on the other days. If you can, pull ups, burpees, leg raises, mountain climbers, crab push up, spiderman climbs, or invest 30 euro's/dollars in a set of dumbells and enhance your options 🙂
Gabriel Q.
rightlyI do 8 minutes of Qi Gong, I don’t know the name of the figure in English, but in Italian is ‘l’elastico’: I meditate a bit, relax and then lift up both arms, stretching them earth alternating left and right
Todd F.
Hi! I love using the ladyboss at home exercises. It’s all using your body weight and they can be done in 10-30 minutes. It’s really your decision based on the amount of time you have. Best of luck!!
Clarisse Y.
I usually do yoga in the morning, nothing really heavy but it helps me to wake my mind and body up. During this time, I also have time to thinking about whole plan of the day and grateful things of my life.
Julian E.
100 push-ups. Forty first, then a decent rest. Then 30, 20 and 10.
You may need to build to that over time and start with say 30 push-ups (15, 10 and five).