How do you fit exercise into a busy schedule?

Hannah G.
It’s difficult, but one thing I began this year is focusing on my posture and engaging different muscle groups when I’m doing my everyday tasks.
Ferenc D.
I've recently been practicing the 10 minute mindset. Basically what this mindset means is, you can always fit 10 minutes in. And it doesn't need to be more than that. This mindset works for almost everything. I usually drink my water and then do my work out in my pj's for no more than 10 minutes. This has really worked for me
August C.
It's either super early to get it out of the way or super late once everything from the day is settled. Sometimes if there's time during the day that works to.
Miri F.
I do it directly after waking up and drinking water, i take the mat without even thinking and do a 7 minute workout, before the duties of the day kick in, we make time to check the phone so 7 minutes of workout are perfectly managable. Although if you want to go for a longer one I would do it only 3 times a week so that you have to change your schedule accordingly for just three days
Alexa F.
I either wake up a little earlier than normal or I try to incorporate in my going to work routine. I usually prefer waking up a little earlier. I like to have been awake for a while before heading to work anyway. Besides, I tell myself that it’s only 8 minutes of exercise. I can spare 8 minutes.
Madalyne Y.
I schedule my day out the night before. Waking up earlier at 6am and getting it out of the way helps. I’m not a morning person but today getting up at 6. Giving myself 30 minutes to just wake up and then starting a workout at 6:30 is great
Nelson Q.
Exercise often wakes you up, you have more energy afterwards so the true problem is discipline and motivation. After a long day of work when all you want to do is sit down and relax, don't! Come home and crack out some exercise routines and after exercise you will feel more ready to make supper or do whatever you have to do that evening instead of feeling super tired and disappointed you haven't fit exercise into your day yet again.
Mallika N.
It helps me to schedule some time and stick to it, especially mornings. Having a FitOn workout in mind is also helpful, especially if you look forward to it.
Sue V.
I have my work our sessions either very early at the start of the day or at the end of the day once the hustle and bustle is over. Discipline is key.
Vict Ria S.
Do either Fablous' 7-minute workout or 10-minute workout first thing in the morning.

Alternatively, integrate it into your commute. Can you run to work? Cycle? Think about when you get there – can you shower and change?

Mohammed O.
making it a part of the busy schedule and sticking to it makes it an addiction otherwise you feel your day is not complete🙂
Rosie N.
Personally, I try to do a ten minute high intensity workout either in the beginning of the day before I get ready for the day or at the end before I get ready to sleep. So if you have time in either your morning or night routine, you can always fit it in. Sometimes, when your schedule is too busy, you can try to incorporate active choices such as walking somewhere close instead of driving or taking the stairs.
Belen Z.
I usually work out with my two girls. They like to participate when I’m doing exercise, at least 15 minutes every other day.
Roc J.
I believe the word busy is a matter of opinion.

I found that exercise is also a matter of opinion

While one person may think there isn’t enough time. Another could.

I found it most effective to do some sort of exercise first thing in the morning before I begin anything else. I started with 20 jumping jacks and before I knew it I could do 50 with ease.

I am also stretching throughout the day for just a few seconds.

Selma F.
I found a 10 minute video the day before and set my alarm 5 minutes earlier(10 minutes seemed a but scary:D). I woke up drank my water and started right away.
Ross E.
Everyone has 20 minutes of free time in their day. If not, you need to reconsider the choices you're making for sacrificing your time. 20 minutes of exercise a day keeps the doctor away.
Fatima N.
Well during quarantine times, are you really busy? You might be , and then the answer is yes. You must make the effort and at least try to fit 10 minutes of exercise a day.. it will change your life..
Leroy T.
By knowing I'm more important than anything I will do today, & if I don't keep myself well and put myself & health first, no one else will.
Lucy O.
I try to do right after waking up, even before breakfast. It is a low intensity routine, but it keep up the care with my body. You can adapt the schedule by waking up early if you feel you need more time. After the daily routine begins it is difficult to arrange some time for myself. Wake up, drink water and just do it 🙂
Franklin T.
Keep it short and do it home. A 30 minute workout is efficient and can be done from home with just a few dumbbells. Save yourself the trip to a gym, the membership, and other shenanigans and just invest in an easy-to-do home workout. Apps are a great guide for these too!
Tony X.
I do something in under 10
Minutes daily. It could be a run or an intense non stop 10 minute workout. It’s about getting moving. Sometimes also joining a gym with classes helps too
Robyn Z.
At any moment in time, if you are doing nothing, do a workout. For example, you put food in the oven, do a workout while you wait. It can be a small 8 minute work out. It will all help!