Do you tick off your exercise habit if you do any form of exercise or only intentional ones? For example, I bike commute. That’s not intentional for me, just a necessity. Also, do you only tick off your habit if you do it in the morning?

Julia W.
I would tick it off for any exercise I am doing if it is at least 5 minutes. But if your goal is to do more exercise that isn’t you daily commute, then I wouldn’t tick it off until you have done what you were hoping to do. I try to get my morning routine done in the morning, but if my morning becomes chaotic I will skip it for the morning and move it to my afternoon or evening routines. Hope this is helpful!
Luna N.
Often I dance in the mornings or I walk around a little, mostly out of a need to get my energy out. I’ve been doing far before I began Fabulous, and I usually count it as my exercise habit. Also, I do tend to tick it off in the morning, unless I forget to tick it off before I have to begin my day.