Do you eat before or after exercise?

Malou Z.
Sometimes, when I feel my body needs a little more energy I will eat before hand. Sometimes, I will try to work out first thing to check it off the list. It really depends on my body and how it feels. I really try to listen to it.
Ilan Z.
I eat after well I drink a glass of water but for me it’s better to eat after because I already lost so many carbs and proteins
Alireza F.
An hour before to digest properly and give my stomach time to calm down before the workout. Beside, don't eat too much or too heavy before workout and drink enough water before and after.
Name F.
I eat after exercising, because when we eat our parasympatic nervous system becomes active so al energy goes to digestion and not to exercise (sympatic system). You also feel it in your body, full stomach. Or you should atleast wait an hour after eating before excercing.

Sometimes when I do a intense morning workout, I do eat some thing verysmall an hour before. Like half a banana.

Name F.
After, I ate before but then I had to wait and got distracted. But you can eat immediately after exercise so I can finish routine faster without distractions, wake up => do hygiene stuff => start preparing food => before it’s ready I do 10 minute exercise (I usually eat hard boiled eggs so it takes around 14 minutes I can exercise and have some rest before they are ready) => eat great protein filled breakfast. And after some little stuff, my morning routine is finished and I feel motivated starting the day.
Alireza F.
Well I don't exercise in morning much. I get 1 cup of tea after 10-15 mins waking up. And eat breakfast in 1.5 to 2 hrs.
Lav Nia S.
Before. It's objectively better to exercise before eating. When we examine the life habits of primal humans, first they hunted, then they ate the hunt. Also, if you eat first, you'd have to wait at least 90 minutes before you could do any moderate or intense exercise (which is what most trainers and medics suggest) by which time, the drive to exercise would probably die out.