How do you celebrate after working out? I like the little dance to celebrate other things, but don’t enjoy it after a workout.

Nawal O.
After working out I like to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself that I’m proud of for working so hard. I also do a bit of yoga to relax myself and my muscles

Franklin J.
Even if it’s giving yourself a big hug after exercising can be a little thing to celebrate after you’ve worked out. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a hug.

Kayla J.
I honestly don't celebrate after working out. Dance workouts kind of act as a celebration in themselves and any really hard core workouts ("beach body", Strong by Zumba,kettlebells) would leave me too tired to celebrate immediately. A fist pump or two will do. Maybe a reward will act as a celebration as long as it isn't food. If there is something you usually treat yourself to, delay it until post-workout.

Sara P.
I celebrate with a nice relaxing stretch or massaging my muscles. Otherwise I enjoy a drink I like, like iced tea, coffee or lemon water!

Jasmine Q.
This depends on the hair type. I have kinky curly dreads so I wash my hair once a month. If I wash my hair every day it would remove the natural oils in my hair causing it to break and split. I hope this helps!