What is your favorite and most effective recovery meal/post workout?

Beth C.
After a workout I eat a piece of fruit (carbohydrates of fast absorption) a natural iogurt (sometimes I choose high-protein ones) or low-fat fresh cheese and cereal- sometimes oat or whole bread or whole cereals. I try to make different combinations everyday. Usually I prepare the combination at night (for example overnight oats, or a sandwich with fresh cheese and tomato (instead of fruit). I do gym in the morning so the recovery is also my breakfast. And I am a nutritionist/dietist which makes it easier 😉 Good luck
Flenn F.
I like to eat soups it helps me a lot because I eat vegetables and it warms my body and soul. For exercise I love to do yoga. I use to practice every day but I haven't done anything the past 3 years. Also I like cycling.
Axel Q.
I like yogurt just after finishing workout, also peanuts. Then when I get home I prepare myself an egg, even better with milk.
Na L Z.
I like to make a banana, date and LSA (Linseed, Sesame, Almond) smoothie with milk, as I find it filling and gives me energy for the day ahead.
Keith U.
First of all I drink a couple of glasses of some water in. salmon with honey and lemon. Secondly, a protein shake, I use Herbalife.
Cody Q.
Eggs. Usually scrambled. I like them with avocados when I have them and usually cook them with some cumin and turmeric for a bit of extra colour and flavour. I also like to pop a bit of hot sauce on them for a bit of zing.
Louise O.
A big glass of water and some fruit with peanut butter. Sometimes I eat a yogurt with banana, other times I eat a banana with peanut butter or oatmeal with kiwi and cinnamon that's one of my favorites. The most important part for me is water and banana!
Michelle S.
I'm presently doing intermittent fasting so I don't eat until noon. I workout first thing in the morning when fasted and don't consume any food. When I'm not fasting, my go-to will usually be a protein shake. I start with a cup of nut milk as a base, fruit (half banana or some berries), seeds (chia, flax or hemp), a plant based protein powder and some high quality fats like nut butter, avocado or mct oil. Blend with ice and voila!
Brian E.
I currently do not have one and just completed my first three days of exercise in the morning. This is still quite light exercise. However, I would think a high protein meal would be best. A banana with almond butter as a snack would appeal to me. Good luck in finding something for you.