How do you do it consistently enough that it becomes a habit?

Christoffer W.
If you start to do it every day for a long time your brain starts to get used to it and automatically goes to do it without really thinking about. It will take time and effort but you’ll get there eventually

Ivani S.
I settled so many reminders my phone exists only as an alarm. I'm quite forgetful with quick habits like breathing or observing the world , but really alarms are your best friend and reminders at a point your head will associate one habit with the next and you'll have a chain. Also to do list are the best

Rylee Z.
I have someone else help keep me accountable with my habits and challenge me to do better. For working out, I challenged my little brother to use the same app that I do and to text me every day when he did it. If he did it before I did, then he would text me and ask if I was done. My logic said that if my little brother could do it consistently, then so could I.

N Ris P.
You have to do it every Day. Furthermore, you have to celebrate every time you do, because this is the Way it becomes a habit instead of a burden