What kind of exercise you like the most?

Alicia W.
I prefer running. High Intensity or longer tempo runs. I like to use Nike run club to track my runs. It had good guided work outs I can link my Spotify to
Manuel W.
The exercises I like the most are the strength training exercises. Weights and things. Honestly I never thought I would like it but I enjoy the burn that I get and seeing the results from utilizing weights in my workouts has made a significant difference in my overall weight loss journey.
Indra E.
I like to do some fitness at home, I downloaded an app that gives you a daily training schedule. But just some yoga is nice as well – to me, it's most important that I can do it in my room. The hurdle to go out for a walk or to a gym is much higher than just laying a yoga mat on the floor and getting started 🙂
Maja Z.
I started slow with daily, 15-45min yoga sessions, all online and at home. A great way to wake up all the parts and pieces that haven’t had much attention. After a week I added running, 20-25min beginning with 1 min on – 1 min off and increasing run times from there. For rainy days and when I need some extra stress relief i look for online kickboxing cardio.
Chad F.
I like bodyweight workouts I can do at home. I still get the benefits of working out without having to feel uncomfortable at the gym, or make excuses.
Maurice F.
Anything with music really. In my evening routine i make a playlist of 3-5 songs. Next morning i either dance or run to it 🙂
Charlotte Z.
Running because it combines a meditative element and allows me to push myself for that day with every day being a little different wall to break through
Nina J.
I love swimming, but it takes organization for that to happen. My goal however is to one day join an adult swim team. I have three more strokes to learn to make that happen, and I need to work on endurance. I had surgery on both of my knees, am over weight, and now walk with a limp. I used to love distance walking and am gradually moving towards that. I’d love to get into cycling.
Terry U.
I really have never liked exercise. But i like the feeling I get after I've done it. If anything I enjoy something where I can get fit but also learn a new skill
Klara O.
I like exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. Things like dancing or playing a game. I would do things like that if I didn’t live with my family who all work day shift and I work night shift. When I want to get up and dance, they tell me to be quite so they can sleep. I end up having to stick to very silent sit ups. It’s not pleasant. But it’s all I have.
Katie Z.
I really enjoy class-based workouts. The camaraderie from your fellow workout warriors is huge in wanting to keep coming back and attacking the workout.
Amelia T.
For short exercises I prefer dancing and walking. Both of them don't take much from you, you don't have to prepare specific clothes or routes, and you can do them while actually completing other important tasks. I usually dance while breakfast is being prepared, or when choosing clothes for work. For walking I just walk to work as much as possible. On best days I have 2 nice long walks through parks plus one little and intensive transfer from one line of metro to another. On days when I'm pressed for time, I skip one of those long walks and add a little of intensity to the short ones, which saves me around 15 minutes, yet I still feel quite energised.
Hans Gerd Q.
I personally.prefer lower impact exersice. Pilates and yoga are my favorite to do at home, but I enjoy fast pase classes and classes that involve weights when I. Go to the gym.
Oliver A.
Riding my bike. It's fun finess. I think of the activity isn't fun for me it's much harder to be motivated. I live to ride, which is such a bonus that it's also good for me.
Wade O.
Walking. In nature, with my dog. It is exercise and thinking, feeling, watching nature and just being. And hanging out with my dog. ❤️ And a bit meditative sometimes.
Hubert E.
Dancing! I love learning kpop choreographies but id like to try other styles as well. Dancing it's an incredible way of self expression and it helps me calm down from daily stress.
Katherine Z.
Quick, heavy muscle excersice that makes me feel strong and full.
I also like to dance around on my own ways
And sometimes i like team games
Russell Y.
Dancing … It's my happy place and it's where I lose myself and find myself all at the same time. It's not only physically good for me, but also psychologically as well!$😁
Astrid F.
Walking, long walks in the Alpine National Park. But then interval running/walking for fitness. Swimming and paddling for fun/ with granddaughter.
Laureano Z.
Mixture of exercises to keep the fun however I mostly lift, do knees friendly cardio, practice yoga and I really like FitBox
Sigmund X.
Well, I am just getting back to it. I like classes. So far this wek I have tried aqua fit and spin class. Both were great! This week I am adding zumba and yoga. Slow and steady wins the race.
Kelly B.
I use the BodBot app. It gives you exercise routines based on settings that you choose (workout intensity, frequency, weight goals). I use weights occasionally but very rarely. Eventually I’ll integrate weights into my workout but for now I’m sticking to Planks, bridges, squats, pushups, sit-ups, things like that. I also walk 1-2 miles on my lunch break at work. Slow pace but it keeps me moving and gives me a break from the office.
Andrew U.
In the morning I do a routine that starts with back and upper body stretching, followed by core exercises and finishing with cardio. I do it indoors.
Lou S.
Right now, yoga is my favorite. It allows me to really be mindful of my body and to build strength. It also warms everything up gently.
Diana E.
I love an exercise that makes me forget I'm exercising because it makes me think. I love pole technique cause I dont think about the exercise I think about succeeding the move I'm learning.
Elenise A.
I like yoga, you can do it at home at any time and it is meditation at the same time. I also like to ensure that I walk pieces of my way to work.
Baqui Q.
Depends on how I’m feeling. If I feel tired or tight I like yoga, if I have excess nervous energy or need to think I go running or swimming. If I am feeling weak I like to lift heavy -CrossFit, Olympic lifting. If I’m feeling vulnerable I’ll take a self defense class.
Jacob W.
Jogging and medium weights. never going beyond 30 minutes of exercise. additionally i find opportunities for fast walking all during the day. my goal is 30 minutes of Jogging and weights and 10k steps.