How would you suggest I fit in going to the gym with owning a little puppy that needs loads of care-taking?

Sarah T.
Instead of going to the gym how about using your time on walks to give yourself a workout. Do a bit of cardio and stretch exercises while puppy runs around.
Jens Z.
I would integrate it into the puppy's routine. Our dog knows that we get up, go outside, he gets fed, goes back outside, and then he gets in his crate while I go run. He just goes to sleep!
Ellen E.
I would suggest instead of going to the gym, work out at home or taking your rambunctious pup on a walk or jog. It'll help both of you exercise and get out energy. Plus, there is so many work out routines that you can do at home, and plenty of apps to help find the right ones for you. Personally, I loved the app Fiton, and I am lucky to have stairs, so I do a few laps on the stairs every morning. Hope this helps ^.^
Oscar W.
Perhaps, start with some at home work outs while your puppy gets adjusted at home. Once you feel like it can stay alone, go to the gym!

If you aren’t fond of at home workouts. Is there a friend or relative you trust to take care of your pup?

Gwendolyn Z.
If you all ready have paid for a membership maybe go either when someone else is at home or when the puppy is sleeping. If you haven't all ready paid do gym exercises at home. Walk the puppy if it's old enough, if you have a big garden run and get the puppy to chase you and just do any training possible at home. Xx
Malou F.
You don’t need to fit in. You may feel as though you need to but it is a huge waste of time. Rock your weirdness, embrace it. Your total confidence in whatever your doing will be ten times better than “fitting in”. Just be yourself and love it.
Becca Q.
I have a little puppy at home, too, and I try to do my workouts around her schedule. Puppies love routine and I do too, so it works out. A lot of my exercise comes from taking her on walks, but I also take time to do routines on my own including yoga, HIIT workouts, and running.
Domitille N.
Why not doing some exercises at home for the moment and then go to the gym when you got more time? There are so many ways of exercising at home. And a puppy does need some extra Care. Or maybe some friend could take care of your puppy when you’re going to the gym?
Adriana R.
I would say don’t go… stay home there’s still a pandemic going on in the world. Do exercise at home! It’s not that difficult you just need to stay motivated!