What do you do when it’s too hot to exercise outside?

Hayley T.
I tend to excersize in a morning, in my living room, where it’s cool. I go for walks later on in the day when it’s cooled down a lot x
Ashley T.
I put on dance musical and dance around the living room…my kids love it, and no one else is watching so I really go for it!
Solveig X.
I avoid this by getting up early in the morning before it starts to get hot. I usually start at running around 8am and most times it still hasn’t started heating up by the time I get back.
Gilda N.
I like doing indoor pilates or exercises like squats, push-ups and those types of things. HIIT workout videos are also nice.
Victoria O.
Hide in the freezer. But seriously, why not try swimming if you have a local leisure centre or find a nice shady woodland to walk through. It's too warm where I live at the moment so I'm struggling to exercise myself
Eyl L Q.
First, #stayathome 😂 Second, ı don't excersice outside. You can do one of chloe ting's workout programs. You can gind it at youtube.
Tracey J.
I exercise at home, there's cooler. In fact I always exercise at home, sometimes open the window, when outside isn't too hot. Outside is too much insects and people so it's uncomfortable and might be stressfull