What’s in motion in your mind when you’re doing exercise?

Yvonne E.
Discipline has a home, like everyone else does. What runs in my mind when I run is what invites in discipline: essentially it's practiced disassociation. Things like imagining you are a ball rolling down the hill, with inherent inertia. Things that are only true in a magical place like the mind but feel real when something like our mind could convince us we're tired before its our body telling us.
Liri Y.
I mostly tell myself that I can do it and remind myself of the time when I already succeeded so that I know that my body is physically capable of doing it
Silke F.
I try to visualize my body shape goal and to be more healthy. I also try to stay positive. It helps me to be more motivated.
Lekenna U.
I don’t really thinking about anything in particular, but I do get worried about some pops, cracks, and sores I get during and after workout. I’m not old at all, I definitely do feel out of shape though.
Benjamin P.
A very soft, and calming voice from a very important person to me, shes my motivation to keep going everyday and to train harder than ever and achieve my goals, shes been with me through the ups and downs, I love her ❤