Do you struggle to sleep after evening exercise?

Amanda F.
Only if it's too close to bedtime. I try to exercise a little in the AM, and a little in the PM. More stretching & less intense during the PM, followed by an Epsom salt bath, and my night routine. Strenuous activity before bed makes it harder for my mind to settle.
Mariana I.
No, when I exercise at night I try to focus on cool down routines, like restaurative and nydra yoga or stretching. Nothing that will get me sweaty and I also focus on my breathing more.
Jon O.
The first hour after i exercise i feel relaxed and a bit sleepy, after that i feel energized and too alert that i can't fall asleep
Afreen E.
It's rare for me I mean exercise is beneficial for our body so sometimes I struggle to sleep which rarely happens and I don't think so I struggle to sleep coz I have been exercising for few days now and now it has became a habit of mine the first days of the starting were tough but I never gave up so the answer is nope I dont
Joseph E.
I have insomnia, so I don't sleep very well regardless, but dehydration and a rise in body temperature increase your heart rate which makes it harder to sleep.