What do I do with the boredom that comes with routine?

Glenda F.
I try to connect these activities with fun things that Inlike to do. Like hitting a great backhand cross court drop. Every time I complete an activity, I pay myself on the back giving positive reinforcement to the activity and condition myself to do it again.

Boredom in repeated activity is natural, but having to keep it he

Ross I.
You do work. Just don't sit and relax, you will feel a worthless creature. Try to go and walk without any direction, observe stuff happening around you.
Elisa W.
Challenge yourself! Us human beings tend to get bored quite easily when it comes to routines. Something that works for me it's to create challenges within my daily routine. Say you're doing fine with your workout, you can increase the difficulty of the exercises. If you like to write then choose a topic that you don't really work with every now and then. The options are endless, all you have to do is see what area of the day is causing you to feel bored and create a challenge. But remember to start SMALL, if you decide to challenge yourself to hard chances are that you won't do it. And be creative, going out of the comfort zone can do wonders.
Eden O.
I find that listening to music helps boost my mood and energy a lot. I also listen to podcasts sometimes.i even found that having my favorite tv show in the background while I’m doing something mundane like cleaning, getting ready or a boring assignment for work helped. Finding those little things like a tv show that brought me joy surprisingly made a huge difference in my mood and productivity
Nanna N.
Honestly, I treat my routine as a bare minimum. I often add this and that task, as necessary.

My routine is a baseline that helps keep me focused.

Alois F.
I recommend switching out where you place your water bottle in the morning for example. Or maybe switch out the order if your habits a bit. You do not have to hold a too tight schedule. And you will still have the satisfaction of finishing the habbit. Think of it as running the track. After 5 or 6 laps, turn around and run the other way for a bit. You're still running, but not in the same way as before.
Donna Z.
I'm gonna be creative modifying the routine a little bit to make it more interesting like splitting exercises with alternatives.
I'm gonna enjoy every moment it brings to and all the good results it will impact on the long run to my life. I know it's gonna be alright trying.
Anton Z.
Listen to good music while you complete your tasks. Also make sure to congratulate yourself after everything you do. It makes it way more fun.
Juanita S.
Deliberately add “excitement.” Having a routine allows you to have guilt free play, creative activities and adventure. Go out and do – knowing that when you come back that things aren’t waiting to pounce on you.
Silke E.
Change the environment but not the routine itself. For example put on some different music, go to another place, call soe friend, etc.
Andreias N.
When boredom comes I play music and at times I do get distracted which causes me to sit down and stop my routine. I just take breaks and make sure I end up going back!
Noah A.
Keep your routine short, or change up the execution of specific elements— different exercise, different work locations, etc. It also helps me to buy something new I love for the routine— new water bottle, journal, essential oils for meditation. Finally, give yourself a specific goal and reward after you meet it.
Albert T.
I’m no expert, but I know for me personally even though the basic routine is the same I like to switch up the content. So for example, even though I wake up every morning, drink a bottle of water, exercise, shower, brush my teeth, get ready for the day, and finish with a healthy breakfast before I walk out the door, I don’t do the same exercises, eat the same food, or even use the same soap in the shower everyday. They are just little changes, but they help keep the routine fresh and interesting because I get to come up with new things to try for each part of my routine. It was a lot, but I hope that helps!
Tara O.
so far i don't bored at all..
for me it's fun an feels great knowing that i live a healthy life..
bcause i havw a dream, when i'm old and retired from my job,,i want to travel the world and spent a lott of times qith my family..
and that dream can't be come true if i get sick and not healthy
Elias E.
Don't think of it as a "chore" or feel like you're forced to do it. Remember, you chose to do a routine FOR YOU, because you want to– you want to get better. First, try reminding yourself why you started a routine in the first place. What are you trying to achieve from this? It gives you a sense of reason and a vision of the person you'd be once you get a n of this routine. Second, spice it up! Incorporate the things you love in each step. For example, one of the steps in my morning routine is walking, but that's because I have school in the morning. But, summer vacation is approaching and I don't think I'd be going out on a daily basis. Then I remember the things I do whenever I walk: I listen to a playlist I made for a particular time of the day, sometimes a podcast if music exhausts me to keep me engaged, and choose the path where a lot of nature is present, because witnessing nature is therapeutic to me and I love it. Then, my mind just wanders off by reflecting and contenplating on the things in my life, which helps in self-growth, conceptualizing the things I want to do(for example, dreams, goals, etc), how I'm going to do, and what it's like to get there, and daydreaming. Sometimes, it makes me think that I'm inside a movie and see how beautiful the world is. I also like to think ahead about what it feels like to accomplish something. How about making breakfast? Play your favorite songs, episodes from a series that you can play in the background, or podcasts that you can learn from, or the company of someone you love, let it be a person or a pet. Let them have a conversation with you(maybe in person or through calls), telling you stories, or maybe sing, dance, or read a book aloud. Even the sight of pets is amusing– you could set up an automated toy to watch them play around. Try making your breakfast look aesthetic, pretend like you're in a cooking show and impress Gordon Ramsay. You know what, spice up your life in general! You can always find joy in the things you do, and it doesn't matter how old you are. If your life were a book or a movie, would you enjoy reading or watching it? If not, spice it up and make it fun! Fun isn't just for the youngsters. It's for everyone. Mix life with your routines and don't view it as a linear pathway. Deciding to stick to a routine is an achievement and I'm oroud of you. You got this and I know you can do it. Enjoy and have a great life!
Brooklyn U.
As far as workouts I make a list of my favorites on YouTube that vary in length. This way I can try new things and also do the ones I have time for each day. When it comes to breakfast I change my breakfast each week for a month so that I can prepare ahead of time but have less chance of getting bored.
Leslie J.
I wish I knew the answer to this one! I try to fight it with variety – I don’t do the same workout every day, I try and have something different for breakfast a couple of times a week etc. But still, it can get boring. I guess the thing that helps me the most is not feeling tied to anything. I’m a chronic perfectionist, so it’s important to me to know that it’s ok not to do everything 100%. Life happens, and that’s a wonderful thing. You might miss out if you’re too stuck.
So, contrary to advice, I’d say if you’re bored, do something different. Adjust, iterate, blow it up! Whatever feels right for you. Give your brain something new to do and it won’t feel so bored anymore.
Marilyn Z.
I love this question because I had that problem. Now I focus more on being consistent. Might do my routine weekly in the morning then change over to weekly at night. This works for me.
Erin J.
Celebrate it – being bored by your routine is SO much better than the panic of a chaotic life. If you are truly at a point of boredom, start taking quiet moments – wild creativity will begin to flow out of you – it was suppressed by all the fires you had to think about putting out before.