How do you celebrate your exercise routine? Is doing a happy dance sufficient?

Emi N.
I made myself a playlist with my favourite songs and everytime i did my workout I go and dance to the songs, it really motivates me to do my workout, I usually wake up like: “I can’t wait to do my ritual so I can celebrate a little bit”
Tony S.
I don’t really celebrate the exercise routine. I just recharge and relax after the first day and try to find enough motivation to get me going for the next exercise day
Franciane Z.
I usually do a set of gymnastics exercises and it gets me going and I feel really good! Trying this would be amazing as well! Try training some splits and handstands , and you'll find your phisyque rate go up, up, up!
Marie C.
I don't really celebrate to be honest with you. If I do I just kinda be proud that I did excersise today and sometimes I do do a happy dance lol.
Riddhi O.
Play your favorite music and just groove,this will burn your calories and you enjoy too. I love to dance as I am a Professional dancer.