What is the best exercise for a 42 year old man who has been dormant but with best intention to achieve a healthy and fit athlete level?

Lily Z.
Find a swimming pool, community pool, whatever and start very small. The pressure of the water feels great and can help with your joints

Megan C.
I’d say just getting up and going for a jog a few times a week. It’s something that you don’t need a whole lot of preparation for, and you can adjust your workout to your ability, going for longer distances as you get better, or trying to complete shorter distances in less time. Make sure to stretch though!

Airon Q.
Start with something light at first. Preferably something you enjoy. Long walks, light jogging around your favourite neighbourhood, shooting hoops. You might even want to ask a friend to join you. From there progress by taking the intensity up. You can do it!

Aisha N.
Before anything, you must take BABY STEPS. Ease your body into this new lifestyle with intention and everything will fall into place with time. I am not a gym rat or a coach so I wouldn’t really know form where to start, but my recommendation and most obvious suggestion would be to do some light cardio, lots of stretches, and maybe start with 1-5 repetitions of certain strength exercises such as push-ups, crunches, squats etc… Wish you well on your beautiful journey!

Ira C.
maybe start if we slow steady walks every day and progressively get faster so it would turn into a run, remember push urself but not too much!!

Andr J.
Running Can hurt your body, knees, ankle, back. So the bests choice to start to be healthy would bike or swimming. Starting with small sessions of 20 min in the beginning and when it feels better increasing to 30 min, 35min then 45min.
When you reach the 45 min you can start session with exercise like split. An example:
10min warm up then run very fast during 30sec then 1min recovery and repeat it 6 times and 10 min cooling down.
Then after you can intensifies the sessions.
Or you can go somewhere like a mountain with ups and downs.
When you do a running sessions with an exercise, you should do a recovery running sessions of 45min to 1h to make your body assimilate what you did the day before.
If you feel like it you can also had in your week muscle strengthening.
Hope it's useful ! You can do it !

Ottokar F.
You can try exercise by simply trying help yourself wakeup from lying down , because that's best exercise and really necessary , or something about balancing , but if u want to lift some weight ,it's just lift two big bottle of water , one right hand one left hand , that's enough, that's what my doctor say to my friend 🙂 hope it helps 🙂

Os Rio Q.
as in physical exercise? I’d start from the bottom with something light, a bit of running everyday and stretching, if then u want to continue with smth more then I’d try the gym but even from home

Jewleena G.
Probably a simple stretch rather than high-intensity workouts or cardio workouts, most especially if you haven't worked out for a while. Wait until you are comfortable doing the stretches before adding in other exercises.

Cecil W.
Well first of all, I think the fact that you’re considering this is a great success itself 👍🏻 to me, taking long walks or jogging are the best exercise, no matter what age:D