I can’t wake up early, I always get out o bed at 9. How can I get the motivation to be up at 6?

Alexsandra Q.
Try to sleep early. Don't use any electronics at least an hour before your targeted time to sleep. Read a book instead, drink a glass of milk/water, then head straight to bed. Even if you don't feel like it. Just lying down and emptying your mind is a good start to get your body accustomed to the routine of sleeping early and waking up early.
Aurora E.
I have to set my mind before I go to bed, like, "I have many important things to do tomorrow, such as….. So I need to wake up earlier"
Angie C.
Personally, I like to go to bed really early & wake up naturally when my body is ready. I never use an alarm & sleep with the curtains open to let the natural light in at sunrise. Then I know that one of my first important jobs of the day is to sit on the back door step and look at the sea. Going outside straight away helps your body set your hormone clock. I've heard theories that it will trigger the production of melatonin 16hrs later – I'm not a scientist, but it works for me. Be kind to yourself & good luck.
David N.
You shouldn’t wake up at 6. Sleep is more important than being up early. 9 am is very early in my opinion. Sleep in and respect your sleep!
Johanne Z.
Don't just jump into waking up straight away at 6am when you are used to waking up at 9am. Take it back an hour and start waking up at 8am and then gradually keep going back until you get to 6am and on top of that be sure to be productive and do things during the day to make sure you get an early night.
Kenteth Y.
Go to bed early. Normally, people need at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Do your night routine at 9pm and be in bed by 10pm. By the time you wake up, it should be 6-7am.
Gloria O.
dear person reading this, i suggest that you start by waking up a little earlier, and not straight away at 6am.so try waking up first at 8:00/8:30, and then gradually try waking up earlier. always have a bottlw or glass of water by your bedside, beacuse it will wake your body up, and itll be good if it wasnt warm water, but a bit on the colder side, and maybe if you have a friedn thats awake at that time have them call you? cause by talking to them youll wake your brain up
Emily N.
Focus on the morning itself. Sunrise, fresh air – feel it. It's your greatest reward to see all this. When you wake up at 9, you miss the most beautiful part of the morning.