How do I overcome the pain If I did some workout the previous day and the next morning everything really hurts? Thanks a lot. :)

Carmen P.
I suffer from pain alot as well so I want to encourage you to learn to stretch after your workout and learn to incorporate meditation and yoga of some sort. These exercises will help. You also must be aware of your eating habits as well. I found that sugar( like raw sugar and even in our beverages tend to make my joints ache tremendously. So that's why you must be aware of your eating habits so you can understand what foods might inflame your body( joints, muscle,tissue,etc.,). I hope these ideas help you along your journey!
Sebastian W.
I think you will do everyday in morning give to 5-10 minutes meditation
If the pain is highly pain go to hospital and check up your health
Avoid the junk food
Eduardo G.
The simplest way is to take a warm bath or shower. It relaxes your muscles and reduces the pain. Another way, although it may seem stupid, move. Get your muscles moving and it’ll reduce the pain. Always remember to get the rest you need before working out again, take a couple of days off if you could.
David F.
Sleep well.Give your body some time to rest and don't just skip your daily workout it pains.If it pains really hard, reduce your set of exercises.Start with some less tiring exercises and then make it hard day by day.It'll pain for a day or more but I'm sure you are gonna get a grip of it in no time!