Time? Should I start a formal exercise routine for 1 hour per day or just keep it to 8 mins of whatever per day?

Stephanie Z.
Go slowly with 8 minutes but do the eight minutes a few times a day if you want. The subliminal exercise is to build your day into routines that are good for you that you like. Build your life the way you want it to be.

Sigmar S.
Start a fresh short time exercise routine which lead to more exercise then u have better feeling about the exercise with your body

Ingetraud J.
Only you can answer that- is one hour realistic for you? Or will it become an impossible burden?
Again, you might be different, but I find that committing to at least 15 minutes in the morning (or even 10 on bad days!) is far more achievable in the long term for me. I still do longer sessions when I can, but when I try to push that number up on a daily basis, I eventually get to a day when I genuinely can’t fit in a longer workout, so I don’t do one at all. Committing to a shorter time just works for me.
As to whether a formal approach is better, again, that depends on you – are you the kind of person who needs structure? Then a formal routine is probably a good way to go.
Or maybe the idea of having to decide what to do every day sound exhausting? If so, again, a more formal approach where you can switch to autopilot might be the way to go.
Just be mindful though, rigid routines are fragile – if you choose to go with this option, I’d suggest thinking about what you plan to do if, for example, you can’t access the equipment you usually use. Have a backup plan and be ready to be flexible – life happens!
If you’re more of an intuitive, go with the flow kind of person, then maybe you should just pick what feels right to you each day.
There’s a lot to be said for doing a variety of exercises.

Personally, I do a combination of both – I do yoga every day but choose a class that feels right for me that day.

Hope that helps 🙂

C Lia T.
I would rather do a 8 minutes everyday because that is much more reasonable. I actually been following a 10 min video I found on YouTube that I like a lot. Ive literally completed the work out everyday since 2 weeks minus 2 days. It's working well for me(:

Marcus C.
It depends on your daily rush. If you work late or have lots of business trips then it is better to do 8 mins of whatever than nothing. But if if you schedule well then it is much more better to do 1 hour per day.

Scott P.
Start small and build up, so keep it at 8 mins until you do this regularly. You'll want to challenge yourself when this becomes a habit and go to 1 hour by yourself.

Kaylee X.
I think it all depends on your willing to do so, if it's easy for you to start with 8 minutes then do it just for 3 days and after that start your training program, in my case I was used to train for 2 hours 6 days per week, I paused for 5 months and now I am starting over.

Jesse O.
8 minutes of awesomeness! Can’t beat that 😉 Keep it short, sweet and manageable and then one-hour workouts are a bonus when you get the chance.

Tracy J.
I don’t think starting with an hour is wise, rather build it up to that. Start with 8 minutes, and then push it to 15. Keep it there for a week then to 20, then keep on increasing by 5 until you’re at an hour. If you’re wondering what type of exercises to do there’s an app called Nike Training Club. It has a variety of exercises that are different in length and structure, enabling you to change your routine as time goes on.

Alfred F.
It depends on your current level of fitness. However, if you are currently with an 8 min routine maybe a change to an hour routine it's not realistic.

Christoffer E.
i prefer 5 days in a week, 2 or 3 hiit and 2 or 3 strength training. Nike training app is brillant about it, i suggest you to take a look 😉

Clinton Q.
I need to keep the time goal small or I'll get overwhelmed and avoidant. Doing at least 8 minutes per day is much less daunting and then when it's easily completed it feels great.

Heidi F.
My answer is that it depends on your goal. If you want to loss weight and build up a higher degree of calories consumption, you should try 1 hour exercise per day. Otherwise, you can keep to 8 min per day and schedule one or two days per week for the 1-hour exercise in order to keep your fitness.

Theresa U.
Both can work depending on the circumstances. A gym or yoga class is better suited for a 1h class and trying to do it at home is not sustainable. I would also suggest not doing it everyday, initially. On the other hand 8m exercises are easy to pull off everyday at home. You can always increase the duration, but do it gradually.

Anja F.
Keep it simple, 8 mins per day is good and helps your body muscles get used to your new habit. Your muscles need to get used to being stretched out more than your normal every day wonderings, if you push yourself too much you could damage your muscles. Think about how your day to day auto routine looks like and then decide on an exercise routine that will slide into your day with ease, also consider mishaps. Will your routine still flow with your day if you were sick? Or went on a holiday or vacation? Yes I know holidays are meant for relaxing and when you’re sick you don’t have a lot of energy, but your trying to set new healthy habits to fill you with energy to tackle each day. Personally I’ve found that a playlist of around 6-10 bouncy songs is good, I can rock and dance around as much as I want and it still rolls with me being sick or going on vacation. But if you want a real work out that targets your muscles, my sister does a full body stretch – it stretches her muscles, loosens her joints and only takes 5mins.

Brian F.
I would do what’s best for you. I invested in a Fitbit before I found this app and it helps show me how many “active minutes” I’ve done in a day. They’re definition of active minutes is having you’re heart rate in your cardio zone. I do about 20 minutes of whatever in the morning instead of 8 and I’ve started walking my dogs in the evenings. If you keep a good pace you do actually get your heart rate up. I plan to hit the gym on my days off but I don’t want to break the good habits I’ve started by finding a whole hour to exercise on a work day.

Melinda X.
Start with 8 mins and keep doing it regularly. Being constant is the key. Once you do it constantly you will start enjoying it and want to pull your limits.

Valerie F.
I think for the everyday i should stay with 8 minutes in the morning, and then when that is in place add 1 hour workouts 3 times a week.

Cherly E.
It depends on what your schedule allows for. As a high school student, my day ends earlier than my parents’ workdays, so I have the time for a full hour of working out right after school. If you have time similar to that, then either works. If you work a 9-5 or longer, then whatever you have time for would work better. No matter what, it’s always good to get something done.

Tony P.
Grow as you go; the model for this program suggests that we embed the ritual (healthy breakfast, exercise, etc.) before we concern ourselves with quantity. I intend to trust the process, because just getting in the habit is good for now. I have burst into programs with vigor and intent, lost steam within a few weeks, and quit. Manifesting a force of habit seems to be a slow process, but in the long run it will have immeasurable value.

Reginald E.
I already walk the dog at least once, usually twice a day, for around an hour each time. Having a little 8 min exercise separate from that is helpful.

Samuel Y.
If you are able, definitely exercise for an hour, 5 days a week! It’s excellent for energy, focus, helps with depression and lack of motivation. Plus your body benefits in so many ways. You’ll look extra fantastic, have a stronger heart and bones, and a quicker metabolism. There’s really no good reason not to…just excuses. You would be so proud of yourself too. I say definitely go for it! And good for you for being ambitious. You’ll go far.

Alfred C.
I am just doing what ever exercise I can given the time available. Better than doing nothing. And as it becomes more of a habit I can throw more time and variety into it.

Asta E.
It’s best to start with smaller time goals, and then work up to longer time goals as you get stronger. Otherwise you risk the chance of overwhelming yourself and quitting.

Peter B.
The primary goal is to form a habit of exercising. Everybody has a different level of experience, physical ability, and time constraints. For some, 8 minutes is just enough for the individual to mindfully set aside time for exercise, and that is okay. If you are already considering an hour long routine every morning, you probably already have an idea of what exercises you want to do, and a location you wish to do them. Personally, I workout for one hour with a friend of mine at a local gym. Spending an hour with a friend at the same time most days of the week allows me to take my workout seriously enough to follow through almost every day, and I enjoy seeing my friend. To summarize, if 8 minutes a day is progress, start there. If your schedule and ability allows, go for the hour… or anywhere in between. Good luck 🙂

H Rman S.
What do you really and realistically have time for? The idea behind this system is to make tiny changes that you will actually do.

If you want to do an hour of exercise in your morning routine it might work better to go from eight minutes to ten and when that is a routine habit raise it to fifteen minutes and so on. Or add one more set of an exercise you are doing or one new exercise, and give it a couple of weeks to be routine. Eventually you will get to an hour a day if that is really where you want to be

Ildo P.
The biggest thing about exercise first thing in the morning is to wake yourself up. So do however long you need to feel like you've had a proper workout. I do a 10 to 15 minute walk first thing in the morning and then I do my intense workout later in the day usually in the afternoon.

Johan B.
You want to start small to ensure your new habit will be sustainable. Just start with a small amount (8 minutes) of any low intensity exercise. Once the habit is established, you can adjust the time and intensity, the key thing is just getting the habit established at the lowest level. And don't forget to celebrate each time you perform your new habit!

Gauthier Y.
I’d recommend to rather start with shorter but daily exercises. Starting with long exercise immediately can start to become hard once the initial motivation is gone & you might not stick to it.

Dennis F.
Create a flow. Don’t think of time. Once you feel enough, you stop. E.g. when walking simply walk at a pace which feels comfortable, effortless and on which you don’t have to pay attention. This way your mind will feel at ease and you would burn the calories without loosing will power. This is called flow.

At first, according to your day today, do whatever is possible with your will power. Whatever feels right.
Next day is a different day, so no point in setting one timing for everyday.

Sophie S.
Hi, I guess to start with 8 minutes is better. I also go to gym for longer workouts but I do not count it in to my daily morning routine. The morning routine should be quick and rapid. One our task is way to long.

Vilator Q.
It depends on how you feel. Also the intensity of the exercise. Remember that it has to be something that makes you feel better in the end. Too much is not the goal. Everyday little by little is what matters. Create a habit. A habit trigger to start doing it and requires a reward at the end. The trigger is the wake up call in the morning after taking some glasses of water, then I go for a run or a swim or biking but just enough to feel a warm satisfaction and not torture myself. I reward myself after I finish this activity with a nice 10’ of meditation which makes me feel relax and happy in the end. So, little by little (as much this is for you) is way better of overdoing (which after a while results quitting exercise).
Hope this helps,

Maja S.
Keep at 8 min of whatever per day for now to solidify the habit. I found that as I went a long doing the 8 min per day, I slowly but surely started to add more reps and a few different exercises to switch it up. The 8 min eventually turns into 10 min, then to 20 min, etc naturally.

Idalina P.
Starting small is important. Keep it simple – in the beginning you want to ingrain the habit. Later, you can slowly add new exercises.

Angela G.
Keep to a time that works for you. If 8 minutes feels too short make it 10 or 15 minutes. Increasing your exercise slowly will help you be more successful in the long run.

Morris J.
I think it is always better to start small before moving on with something bigger, so if you are at the stage where you are ready for more then a scheduled workout regimen might be for you. I tend to do about 30 minutes of working out about five days a week, but your workouts don’t all have to be the same. If you are new to working out try doing different exercises until you find what fits. Instead for the 8 minutes in the morning you can stretch instead of doing an intense workout so you have more energy for exercising later in the day.

Norisete A.
I think the aim is to build a consistent habit of exercise . The 8 min time frame is there for you to ease into the habit if exercise isn’t part of your normal routine. Thirty min of exercise is probably the minimum you want to aim for, but you dont have to start there. Thirty min can be your goal. To help you be successful pick a specific exercise and a specific time rather than “whatever , whenever” . Try the Fabulous journey for exercise . In that journey they recommend running which I dont like so I picked strength training. I used Regimy which is a free app that has complete exercise routines w pictures etc. I found the journey coupled with doing an exercise I enjoy very helpful.

Ma Lia Z.
It's good to combine your exercise with something that is necessary for you to do. Like going to work with a bike. I do it 30 min to and 30 from work. Or if it is too far for you for the bike than create a way to incorporate some walking time during or after work.

Dave N.
Hi! IMHO small, but often exercise it will be more useful. In the moment of your 8 mins exercise routine you can switch off day problems.
But it your choice ☺ Be happy

Chris X.
Better to have a goal of a routine daily of 1hour to get into the habit of working toward a personal goal for my health. 8mins is good initially to get going. But reality needs to be 30min or more.

Serena P.
If you can do 1hr consistently, great, do that. But just sticking to 8min for now will make it nuch easier to not miss a day, which will make it MUCH better in the long run.

If you do an hr a day, you might get caught up in a perfectionist mentality where you always decide on a hour, but 1 qeek in or so that is just daunting and you take an extra day off or whatnot. And that extra day off becones two days off and thrn 4 and so forth.

But if you commit to 8min for a month, you get in the habit of just starting. And then its much easier to increase to 15 min and then 30 min. Whereas if you start with one hr, its MUCH harder to get in the habit of just starting.

Another thing is, with exercise, you should never jump into an intense program all of a sudden. Your muscles will get strong fast, but your tendins and ligaments will be much slower in that respect. This means you may be feeling fine, and getting stronger and all, and then BAM! You get injured out of the blue. And its a tendon or ligament that got injured. And those are reallu slow to recover, and they recover weaker than origjnal capacity.

So, to prevent injury like that, I aint no expert but I'd say give yourself at LEAST two or three months of easy workouts. I know this since it happened to me.

Also, research proper form for all weight lifting things you do, and also research injury prevention for all sports you do.

Good luck

Cassiano A.
It’s really up to yourself. If you would prefer to start a formal exercise routine rather than just 8 mins a day – go for it. You could also maybe just ease yourself into working up to an hour of exercise instead of just going straight for it. Good luck!!