How do you stay fit and focused when your job is mainly sedentary?

Sohan Z.
I find it easier to exercise early in the morning or during the night time. Its all really how bad you want to exercise because if you really want to do it you would, even if you make little sacrifices.
Louise O.
Apply Pomodoro technique – set a timer, for example 25 minutes, then fully focus on your work in that 25 minutes, then set 5 minutes to rest, stretch, walk around. Then return to the 25 minutes work, there's many variants of the Pomodoro technique, you can check it more online.
Macarena Z.
i try to keep myself motivated,think that if a take good care of myself no only mentally but physically i will get better at my job.
Andrew Y.
Start with small little goals for yourself and work your way up. Treat yourself for every little goal you accomplish no matter how small.
Elizabeth J.
Good question! When I'm in class I tell myself, if you're bored, try to improve with your note taking and add flare. you might not have a job where you're taking notes, but you can make sure to stay focused for chunks at a time, then take mental breaks, and add your own personal flare to your task.
Marcus Z.
I do alot of exercises in the morning and in the afternoon,just set an exercise for morning and afternoon but when I start School I will put it for afternoon and night except Saturday
Joless N.
i work during afternoon and evening and i must stay on a chair all the time, so i do stretching (10m) every morning and if it’s not too hot and i am not too lazy i also do my workout (30m) – i also walk to reach my job’s place (20m)
Celina P.
First I drink a glass of water as soon as I wake up, then I try to exercise in the morning, after that I take a shower and have a high protein breakfast and a huge cup of coffee then I'm ready to work!
Livia N.
I developed the habit to work out every day at the same time after work. Apps are helpful in allowing me to be able to do it consistently and wherever I might be. After the first week it just comes natural to end the work day with a nice workout session!
Silia C.
A sedentary job doesn’t mean that when you finished it you can’t go for a walk, go to the gym or make the gymnastics programs in your house and get the energy you need…
Sabine I.
What I usually do is use an app that helps me stay focused instead of going to my phone, play lo-fi music and only work for an hour at a time and taking small breaks in between.
Emile C.
I like to think of things to do like I'm very creative with stories so I think about what I can do. Sometimes I just sing to myself which keeps me focused on the task I'm doing. Another tip don't give up on what your doing keep trying till you succeed
Willie E.
I pick a time that is best for me sometimes when I'm busy cos of work I find time to do the exercises even if it's when I get back home and the challenges really helped me to know or remember I have exercises or things to do and then I remember why I started when I'm on the verge of giving up.
Ye Im X.
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