What type of exercises one can follow and can dance be done instead of exercise??

Mynah Z.
Definitely, dance can be done instead of exercice! That's my favorite one to do and the thing that puts me in the best mood in the morning 😀
Mark Ta M.
I do tabata-yoga workout, it's short and very effective. For dancing, I usually try to google something like '(abs) dance workout' and do whichever I like the most 🙂
Jess Z.
I think any kind of movement counts. As long as you are increasing your activity, you are moving in the right direction. Start small and build from there. Do exercises that feel good so you will look forward to doing them.
Trish U.
Try exercise that can be done while doing something important to you – like being out in nature, walking while chatting to a friend, or playing with kids in the backyard or other people at sport. Start small and work your way up. Dancing is absolutely exercise!