How do you balance your habits with a busy life? For example, the day you usually exercise you’re at a party / work event /away for a break. I do really well then break habits now and then.

Lucy E.
I do my exercises in the morning, which leaves my daytime and evenings free. However just because you break habits one day doesn’t mean it has to be all week.
Samantha W.
I incorporate exercise into my daily life, I am not a gym person or a workout in my living room person. I rather go hiking, work cows, have a dance party with my kiddo. All are a great workout without having to stop daily living for organized exercise.
M N.
Part of what I do is I kind of mentally prepare myself. I’m learning more and more what kind of things might break my habits. Because of this, I can mentally prepare for this.

I try to have a “set point” to always get back to. For example, after a weekend of partying, I want to be at LEAST able to reach my health “set point” of biking for 30 min. If I’m unable to do this, then I’ll raise my set point to say, biking for 31min. This gives me a new goal to accomplish.

I’m just trying this method out recently so I’m still seeing how it works :]

So “mentally preparing” and knowing those things may break me off habit is one way. In which I’ll prepare to “make up for” the missing days that week, or, since I mentally prepared myself, I’ll continue at my habit, despite partying, cause I anticipated it and set a plan to still do it around everything.

Or, if I am unable to immediately fall back into the routine of my “set points”, then I’ll raise the set point up one notch to make it a “new goal” to try and meet.

These are two ways that I’m trying it out at the moment 😗🤲

Good luck and happy journeys!😽✨✨✨

Jeppe U.
There is always time for exercise, it's just planning. If l am away on holiday, l make sure l go for a long walk around the area. Work function, l exercise before or after. A party doesn't generally last all day – but l would suggest exercising before.
Lucas C.
I use the 2-day rule. I'm allowed to skip a day if I catch up on the next occurance. I'm not allowed to miss the habit twice in a row
Ravi C.
Focus on how often you’re doing certain tasks and the small gaps in between. Most of the time, we choose to do certain events when we know we need to be doing others. Being mindful and focusing on your priorities at a very small and slow level will make things easier
Emma F.
I don't do well….but when I do do well I plan for a break ahead of time or if I'm with people I recommend going out for a walk together and do something more active.
E Z.
In my personal experienceeven only 10 minutes of movement are better than nothing. There are tons of workouts videos on youtube you can access when away from home and ‐if you start scheduling your gym time on an online calendar‐ when an engagement pops up you can just shift gym days around, or opt for a longer session another day, or find a quick training session you can do at home.
Karolin F.
I find that I first feel very overwhelmed by breaks in my routine. But then I breathe, and remember that I'm still in control of planning. Even if I know I have something going on later in the evening, my mornings always start the same – I do my morning routine, and then I write out what will be happening to me that day. If I have something different planned for that night, I just work around it, and try not to feel guilty in the process about breaking my routine.