So I’ve started working out in the morning and I’m not sure if I should work out on weekends

Theda G.
It’s good to give urself rest so u don’t get tired of working out and start not wanting to do it but also good to give ur body time to rest and take the exercise in to build muscle

Terri C.
I think it’s important to keep it up on weekends so that starting over on Monday is less difficult. I would keep it lighter than weekdays though. Maybe some stretching or yoga.

Constance O.
Whatever works for you. However I find that a quick 10-15 min workout to get the blood pumping wakes me up easier. But when I’m planning an actual workout at the gym I find it’s better for me to go later in the day. Hope this helps

Kasper C.
I think that if you can work out on the weekends you should, maybe do a little less than in normal days but still work out.