What do I do if I’m craving a certain food or if my family sends or buys unhealthy treats? I can’t stop them because I still live at home and go to school but how do I ignore the food and distract myself?

Patrick U.
Be honest with your family about how you feel. Ask them not to buy unhealthy things. Maybe ask them to send you a fruit basket? Also try to have healthy snacks (fruit, vegetable sticks, boiled eggs) around you at all times, drink more water to keep yourself full
Scott Z.
Unfortunately I don't have yet an answer myself. Maybe if you resist temptation for a day, and afterwards, at the end of the same day, in the evening you write on your "gratitude notebook" that you resisted temptation. This will give you strength and motivation to resist it the next day so that you can write it down again on your "gratitude notebook". That's my thought just at the top of my head. Still haven't tried it myself. And if you have many temptations, many unhealthy foods to avoid, just try to avoid one at a time.
Bernice Z.
The best way to deal with such situations is to make sure to fill yourself up with healthy food. If your stomach is full you will have less cravings. At the end of the day if the craving is too bad to resist you will only be able to take a bite or two.
Kayla O.
The most efficient way to change habits is to change the environment. The only time I managed to lose weight, I was staying away from my family and I had complete control over the environment. The situation you're in is really tough as you can't change the environment. You will need to call upon the the last ounce of willpower to stay in control. Identify your triggers and as soon as you see yourself being drawn into the cravings cave where you completely lose control of yourself, you need to pull yourself away. It might sound like an absurd idea but replace your love for candy with shoving blueberries down your throat!!
Rapha L T.
Cravings that you have you can usually substitute for something healthier it's usually because you need a vitamin or mineral like when I need iron instead of junk food I should get some spinach. If you don't want to eat the food that's ok maybe talk with them about how you want to eat healthier and if they continue you could always give it to a friend
Cl Re X.
Allow yourself to one treat everyday, if it's easier. Something small. And just once, not one every hour. Try also surrounding yourself with health snacks.find something you like (for example, I love kale chips, they are easy to make and super tasty)
H Lo Se Y.
Cravings or strong desires are like a wave; the intensity rises and falls. Wait for it to pass. You can ask for a specific healthier treat without saying you don't want the other treats. The proportion of unhealthy treats might go down. Also, share your unhealthy treats with others. Students rarely say no!
Laura N.
Hi! I know this is hard. I try to always have an alternate snack ready at all times. Roasted unsalted almonds, crunchy veggies, fruit, or even a small piece of dark chocolate. One thing to remember is that even though family and friends love you, they might not, even unconsciously, understand your wanting to improve your habits. I say have good things ready, and do what is good for YOU. You don't need to even tell them that you don't want their snacks. Just say, You know, I sort of want an apple tonight. The most important thing to remember is that you are the only one who really can give yourself what you need, and while pleasing others can be a nice thing, it doesn't help anyone to do it in a way that doesn't help you reach your goals. You might even teach others by example!! You got this!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Vicky J.
I think that if you will stick to helthy food regulary and wont skeep meal so the temptation will be easier as you are not hungry. Also we are in progress of learning so a sean once in a while wont hurt you. We must try to minimise that at first and try to fake it as we dont wont it untill we make it a habit.
Engr Cio S.
If your kitchen has multiple cupboards, try asking to have your snacks in a separate one. It's easier to avoid temptations if you cannot see them.
Chester E.
Practice self discipline. When you remove unhealthy treats for a while and get to a point where you're comfortable with your health it's ok to have a treat every now and then. Practice moderation and dont deprive yourself of the good stuff!
Irineu P.
Try to replace unhealthy treats with healthy treats e.g. if you crave sweets, eat fruit instead. Fruit has natural sugar called fructose and has similar calories as sweets but it is an excellent alternative.
Aymeric Z.
It's ok to have an unhealthy treat from time to time. Use those treats your family got as a reward system. For example, let's say your family got some chocolate. Every day you can go "If I exercise for 10 minutes (or you do whatever goal you're trying to achieve) then I get one piece of chocolate and no more"
Or, if that technique doesn't work for you. Then store the healthy alternatives closer to you. Store the unhealthy snacks at the top of the cabinets, and store the healthier fruits or other snacks on the countertop. If the healthy alternative is closer in reach you are more likely to grab that instead of the unhealthy snack. And who knows, you might also help your family eat healthier too by doing that and then they won't buy as many unhealthy treats!
Wesley F.
Maybe allow yourself to have one of these unhealthy snacks once a week, but otherwise tell your family members that you're trying to eat a healthy diet. This way maybe they will help you to stay on track. Explain them why you're doing it and maybe ask them to join you on this journey, too!
Leah Q.
The food will always be there. Whether you live at home or are at school. You need to be in control of your own actions – you make the decision to eat something unhealthy. Do some research about habit formation – the more often you do something (choose not
to act upon an urge) the easier it is to do (or in your case not to do) it in the future as the neurones in your brain that are responsible fr that action (eating unhealthy food) disappear in your brain as you weaken that habit by choosing to ignore your urge of eating unhealthy foods.
Fanny N.
It's alright to have an unhealthy treat every once in a while because this will help you with proceeding in you journey.
Filippa Y.
You're not alone with this struggle 🙂 I recently set a goal of going two weeks without processed sugar and it worked really well for me, I now no longer look for those treats and actively try and eat only a little sugar. That's one thing you could try, but keep trying things until you find something that works for you. Also, ask your family not to buy treats so they are not in the house tempting you.
Susan Z.
I like baskets! I either put all the unhealthy options in a basket or I put all of MY healthier choices in one. Then you either avoid the one box or exclusively use the healthy box.
Duane F.
Learning self control is better than asking them not to, but let them know if the self control doesnt work, but you know you can just give those treats to someone who actually wants them. Self control takes a bit of practice, no one is perfect, but think one day at a time. I occasionally slip but most days I'm without chocolates and crisp because the family avoid it. Maybe you can ask them to buy healthy treats like mango, mixed fruit pots, or something. Theres a lot of options for you out there. The key is to find one that's best for you.
Audrey F.
I used to do this method a few years back when I had cravings, sometimes because like you mentioned, it is infront of you or it is an emotional craving. I would eat a LOT at once. In only one sitting. So much that I would dislike it. Should never be spread over days or even multiple times a day and make it a habit. For instance, instead of eating one cup cake, eat five or ten! Depending on your capacity. It has to be done in a way that you wouldn't want to touch it for a year or never!. Also for more lasting transformation, strengthing of mind with active meditation techniques like awareness of present moment helps a long way. 'Power of Now' is one of the books that has helped me a lot.
Amalie W.
Often times, when craving unhealthy food it's actually dehydration and the need for water I'm feeling. When faced with the challenge of avoiding unhealthy food, it's best to keep it out of sight (out of mind) or permit a exchange program (like for every one piece of candy, I will do one strength training exercise).
Agapito Z.
I usually have a stash of my own healthy snacks and eat them whenever I am tempted to eat whatever unhealthy sweets I find in the house. It helps most of the time because I do love nutty fruits 😁
Silas P.
You can inspire them to start a healthy lifestyle or if it's not an option then get busy with something therefore you won't think about food all the time and put it in your kitchen cabinets so it won't be in front of your eyes.
Maureen J.
I think you should make them aware of your decision and ask them to help in your endeavor. Also, I've always been a big candy lover, and the best solution I found is a complete detox for 21 days. It ain't easy at first but it becomes manageable. If the craving is strong try eating a fruit, and avoid industrial juices they are filled with extra sugar
Na L C.
Rule 1: don't fool yourself. Don't try to trick yourself into believing you don't want those treats. Accept it–you want them. And that's okay.
Take a second to breathe and accept the fact. Smile. Breathe. Remind yourself of your goal and why you want it. FEEL why you want that goal, then move your thoughts either to your replacement habit or your next task.
Remember to celebrate!! As you move on, congratulate yourself, do a happy dance, sing your favorite song.
You got this!!!