How do you motivate yourself to work out after a 10-hour work day when you’re feeling exhausted and hungry?

Owen T.
Ashtanga yoga taught me to just “get on my mat”. The hardest part is just getting started. If I tell myself, I can do 5 min of this, or 8 min, then I can get started. And once I get started I usually want to keep exercising longer. I think it’s really about starting out slow with small amounts of time and once your body gets used to it you start craving it. Also, if I’m really tired or hungry I’ll have a little snack before I get started. Even sometimes a bit of black tea with honey to give a little caffeine boost. And I take L-Argenine supplement too as it helps muscles with oxygen uptake during exercise, and sometimes a taurine supplement. I remind myself how good I will feel after exercising, and how good it will feel to accomplish my goal. That a little discomfort now will make me feel so much better later!
Tommy P.
That’s clearly not the time to workout. I would never be able to motivate to do that. I workout in the morning after a good nights rest and when my mind is calmer. I set out the clothes, pickthe workout, set it all up beforehand so all I have to decide is to take tiny steps that are already in place (and on my Fabulous morning routine). Decision fatigue is real and motivation is not the answer. Doing what you can, just small changes one at a time, is the only way to change wherethere is any resistance involved. If it’s an important change there will be resistance. Just work with it. It ain’tgonna disappear.
Chris I.
What you do is no matter what you don't give up you keep pushing and pushing .if your tired your tired let it go it will pass and always give hundred percent
Danielle Z.
I schedule my exercise and treat it like I would an appointment with an important customer. I schedule it for before I get home so I'm not distracted by chores or other family obligations. It helps that I really enjoy my workout. Finding something you love to do certainly helps.
Judy T.
Having a plan is a key. You need to remember that workout is a stressful effort, therefore a relaxing session helps in gaining motivation.
Jessie J.
I do everything I can to exercise in morning before work, otherwise I I’ll always convince myself out of doing it at all
Silje Z.
You shouldn’t work out when feeling hungry. Keep nuts or some other healthy snack at work, or try to reschedule your meals.
Johnni U.
Well what if u try and get up early so that u work out before work. U will be energised throughout the day too; U will feel happy u have done something good in the morning .Also after work u will be able to rest properly.hope this helps 😀
Holly P.
I know that I will be tired in the evening, so I plan to do a quick workout in the morning. Just five to ten minutes of yoga are enough to set me up for a better day ahead.
Judith Z.
I know that every time I exercise I feel a thousand times better, gets more energized and it clears my head and I make a promise to someone that I will exercise.
Andr S F.
I try to make an effort for myself. I spend my days at work and is for somebody else's business, so i Think that the only person that can help and improve my spirit and body is…just me. Maybe i force myself a bit but all the time i am glad for doing that. I dont do anything impossibile. Sometimes i only walk. But is for ME
C Me E.
By saying to yourself: «Hey, you did great today. You worked hard, and you deserve to give yourself some well earned TLC! Let’s enjoy an online evening yoga class, some beautiful mindful breathing into my body, getting back in touch with my hard-working body and tuning in to myself. A workout doesn’t need to be exhausting to be healthy! I’ll work on building muscle another day. Today is for a soothing workout; yoga, stretching, just easy, fun dancing maybe.. something I’ll enjoy that feels good! I’ve earned it!»
Flenn R.
I usually buy myself sandwiches or salad to eat one hour before leaving the job, so that I won't be hungry during workout. The same works if I am going to work out during lunch. I am just eating my sandwich/salad one hour before training and after the training I take out something to eat in the office. I actually prefer training in the morning before the job or at the lunch time so that I am still full of energy.
James U.
HI there! I don’t… the only thing that works for me is to train in the morning. I started with the 7 min workout and now I have the habit of doing some sport every morning and I feel great! I was not imagining saying that one day… but now it’s part of my morning routine and doesn’t seem right if I don’t move in the morning
Good luck!
Debbie Y.
I work 10 hour days too! The absolute truth of the matter is that it’s really hard. I think your best bets are to center yourself around how good it feels to exercise and then work some low-impact exercise in to your routine. For me that means I walk/commute home. Ideally I’d love to go for a run before I shower too, it feels great and helps me sleep. By repeating the positive effects of exercise and approaching it with a “no option” mentality you will achieve success and your goals. You have to shift your mentality away from, “I’m too tired to do anything” towards, “I am going to sleep like a baby tonight… I am so strong… I am happy with all I have been able to accomplish.”
The exercise is coming for you! And it’s gonna be great, haha.
Kevin T.
I pack my gym stuff and keep it in my car so then I feel obligated to go after work. Also, I feel so energized and productive after working out so remembering the feeling keeps me going.
Kelly A.
Get your 8-10 minutes in before work. Start small, like parking further away from your workplace or doing one of the short workouts in the app.
Malou B.
The main thing I do is not give myself excuses, even if im excited or I dont want to do it at all it is the first thing I do after work, even If I do a bad job, at some point I dont even think about doing it, it just kinda happens because Im used to it, so id say its motivating myself to do it until I dont need motivation anymore
Gotthold U.
First I drink 2 full bottles of water. I find that my lack of energy is usually a result of not enough water intake throughout the day. Then I eat my greens! Something to fuel the body before working out. I usually ease into the workout then I find I’m able to stick with doing it as I get more energy as the workout progresses.
Shannon Q.
I do something simple like dance while I’m stood at the stove cooking my dinner, look up Dr Ranganchattagi kitchen workout 🙂
Violeta Q.
Some things you could try:

– Wake up early and work out before work
– Do something easily accessible from home (running, treadmill, exercise bike, weights …), instead of going to a gym
– Do 10 minutes of exercise instead of taking on the obligation of a full hour. Only ramp up when you’re doing that consistently.
– Get better sleep so you’re not so exhausted.

Mathis Z.
Mm I need to get home lol so I walk home , or I need to take a dog out so I go for a run with her mm.. or mm you can get to gym on the way home and when you there you like say to yourself you have an hour to exercise and then you can go home
Z Lia W.
If you don’t exercise because you’re feeling fatigued, you will feel not only fatigue, but also dissapointment. Try at least 20 minutes.
Silas U.
A. Don't work to the point you can't maintain a personal life
B. Start small; a few minutes of streching while you take your socks of or put your comfy clothes on. After that move to something bigger, a walk out side for 10 minutes, then maybe a few minutes of weights, then a combination of all three. Once you get to that point you need to enjoy it, enjoy the feeling of being relaxed after stretching, enjoy the refreshing fresh air, enjoy the rush feeling from the weights, once yoy enjoy it – you want to do it, the key is to enjoy the result, not necessarily the activity but the result from doing the activity. Once you are at that point, you'll see the benifit of continuing it or scaling it up to gym going, once you enjoy or even get addicted to the feeling you won't need to motivate yourself, you'll find a way every time.
Duane G.
I believe that it is all on the mind. Remember when you have a deadline at work or school…and you are closing the deadline and are not completely done. You push yourself to complete it beyond exhaustion. The same goes for exercise. You have to know what you want to accomplish for yourself…health, fit, better quality of life. You owe it to yourself to do it. Make a plan for it put it on a calendar. Make sure you eat an hour before you work out…that 2ay it does not take away from doing your exercise. Also consider instead of doing 1 hr. Do half an hour. My doctor says that 30 min of just walking a day will be enough. Push yourself but not be so tough.