Should I be trying to do cardio every am? Or is stretching/yoga ok. Should I really shoot for exactly 8 minutes?

Aymeric T.
While cardio is great, even pro athletes don't do it every day. You have to balance it with stretching and muscle-building exercises, like squats.
It doesn't have to be 8 minutes exactly. A good idea would be to have a target heart rate you want to hit. If you want to go for a length of time, try to hit at least a minimum of 8 minutes, but going over a smidgen won't hurt!
I've been a combat medic for four years now, and have gotten very familiar with both working out and helping others to get up and moving in the morning. Best of luck, and hope this advice helps!
Milton Z.
I don't like yoga very much but I could get behind a few minutes of stretching, if I can't muster the energy to go for a walk. Walking in the morning is really lovely though. Shooting for 8 minutes as a minimum is probably a manageable number but exactly 8 seems silly if I am enjoying what I am doing I see no reason not to keep doing for a bit longer
Ace P.
Doing your workout depends on what time you feel your body is into it. For some, they do it at night, forhebrest, in the morning. Stretching and yoga is okay and you can always do so within the time youfeel you'd be fulfilled.