How do you others alleviate feelings of guilt when taking time to exercise? I often feel like I should be working or with my family helping out with the kids.

Hadis F.
I have that feeling too but for some times i have a problem for my small motive then i go to doctor and he said you should exercise regullary!in that duration my loved ones were worry about my condition;I try to say if you take time for your exercise in long time this is a portion of keep yourself healthy !if you are healthy then you can work better for your family so do not be guilty for you exercise becuase you want to be more active and productive.good luck!
Mary B.
Investing time into looking after yourself is important. Doing things that make you happy and healthy are good for you.

If you put the time into doing the things that give you more energy you will have more energy for those around you.

I also believe that being productive doesn't mean working flat out. Taking breaks is better for your productivity in the long run, too.

Basile O.
Yes I have the feeling of guilt too when I have too for example wash the dishes, but my health is important if I can't be healthier and better to myself I can't be more good and productive with the people I love and want to help them.
Rafael F.
I don't usually feel guilty when exercising, it's quite rewarding and I could say I do it more to be healthy and well when doing other things, specially with loved ones.
Josie O.
Taking care of yourself ensures you will be able to help take care of your kids. Think long term and don't neglect your body and health.
Kr X.
Helping own is also necessary. You have also responsibility for your own self. How you have to do exercise. Doing exercise is good for your health. If you keep working out you will be always fit for your kids to help them too. And if you don’t take care of your self soon you will be weak and less energetic for your kids to help them. Be brave and do exercise daily. Take love.
Chelsea E.
Exercising is to make you healthier which will make your life longer which will mean more time with the family. If that doesn't make you feel less guilty try to incorporate a "fun" workout into your routine and have the family join in!