What is the right kind of exercise for a child?

Michelle O.
Old fashioned games 🙂 tag, hopscotch, chasing a hoop, trampoline, hide and seek, tag, or clubs like swimming, gymnastics etc
Elijah O.
Probably things like sports, running, biking, skiing, etc would suit a child best. Things like weight lifting and hard gym routines are usually both boring and to hard for a kid.
Jason O.
Never thought about this question before, because honestly, I'm still at the point in my life where I'm developing myself to be who I would want to marry. Until then, Im focused on what I can change in thr present
Olivia Z.
I think dancing is the best! Maybe find a good Disney or Raffi playlist and everyone just go to town with their best moves. I use Shake My Sillies Out for story time. Also, We're Going on a Bear Hunt is a great family activity song!
Deborah W.
If your child is a young child, you will have two basic goals: movement and coordination. Children need movement for the aerobic part. They enjoy things that given them variety. Animals movements like the bear, the monkey, and the frogger are great. (Look up GMB online) They enjoy singing and movement. Like head and shoulders knees and toes. My first-graders liked singing “Mousie mousie in the housie while we crawled around on hands and knees like we were cat and mice. The cat was “it”. Small children learn interpersonal skills while playing games like tag. Tn there is coordination. Skipping, jumping, and catching a ball. At home they can ride a bike or a skateboard and roller skate.
Aliciya E.
To me, a beginner or medium one will be fit for them but it depends on the kid. I am not saying adults shouldn't do those exercises but they should do the hard one day also!
Apolline Q.
Something that's fun. We're they don't realize they are exercising. "Recess at home" for example jumping for. How many can u do in a minute. Or laundry basketball game sort laundry but who is the fastest and makes it in the basket. And even a fun obstacle course
Ferris N.
So it depends on how old the child is, I am about to turn 14 actually but I have been working out since I was about 10, it didn’t really do much except exhaust me. From my experience, the best exercise I ever got was just spending two or three hours outside every day, just running around and doing whatever. I do have a very high metabolism however, so that can effect how much time or what the child should do outside. You could create fun games like an obstacle course, or one of my brother’s and my favorite things to do was just play tag.
Camilla Q.
maybe a dance class or a school sport like soccer or running. which will give them discipline and help the make exercising into a habit.
Isabella Y.
Walking/running outside. Even just playing outside with toys for a while gets the sweat going and the kiddo get accustomed to being outside. Normally a kid will move around on their own but even just asking them to go for a walk with you cam get them moving.
Paige Z.
I taught at a daycare and I loved doing yoga with the kids!!! Anytime you can make it fun! Which is true for adults too a lot of the time!
Noah E.
Any movement is best for a child. For me as a child I loved running. Any games, tag or hide and seek, that involved running were my favorite. I still love dancing, a lot. Dancing burns a significant amount of cal
Charlotte T.
Playing! Getting outside to run around, going for a bike ride, or playing an active game like basketball with friends or family
Ruby P.
As long as the child is active for appr. 30 min of the day. Most kids do fine with this, walking, running, playing, etc. Don’t concern yourself unless the child is clearly more reserved and sedentary.
Livia T.
I would suggest some endurance (playing any sport or dance), strength (weightlifting is too much for a kid, but they can do exercises like pushups, crunches…) and flexibility (a lot of stretching!!!!). Have a nice day! 🙂
Arlene U.
I suggest things that will tire them out too quickly or will stretch muscles they've not needed yet. Star jumps, possibly plank, push ups or sit ups, running (on the spot or not).
Taylor Z.
Kids get bored easily, so going on a bike ride, especially since everyone is cooped up inside is a good idea. That way they look at everything around them and don’t really get bored.
Ralf Y.
Playing. Exercise that helps joints and posture. Like stretching. Helping children keep flexibility will make movement easier theough life. Also basic cardio like jogging, walking, jumping jacks, and climbing are essential because they learn to breathe properly to keep comfortable when doing strenuous tasks.