What type of exercise do you recommend?

Nina Y.
Yoga is a perfect morning exercise. It’s perfect for beginners, can be done anywhere in the house and it gives you energy to start the day.
Albert O.
The type of exercise done is based on the individual's age. I personally prefer doing a full body workout using an app called home workout before I hit the treadmill.
Edmur Q.
I would recommend a bodyweight workout. Generally I exercise 4 times a week and play football thrice, which at the moment I feel is adequate since I don't have enough time to devote to anything but my Masters.
My workout includes Burpees, Russian Twists, Diagonal crunches, left side planks and right side etc.

I feel healthy and fit, fortunately.

Jennifer F.
Full body, but not too extensive. Just simple workouts for your entire body so you feel the burn, but don’t hurt yourself.
David Y.
I believe in training every aspect you can train. Every modality and every type of training can be beneficial for all aspects of your body.
You should do long or moderate distance running for your cardio vascular system and to improve mood.
You should do many different forms of Yoga and personalised stretching for strengthening your body and movement capabilities.
Power lifting and olympic lifting are impressively potent to raise your capacity for lifting things and building functional sceletal muscle.
Use everything you have and always try to improve, adapt and learn new things.
Clara I.
I do zumba every morning for like 10 15 minutes( i just started and i can t do more). I love it i don t feel like working so i recommend zumba for loosing weight
Lu S Z.
Push yourself a little more everyday, one more rep, a few more seconds, etc. Eventually it becomes easier. I think running is the best at building stamina specifically, but everyone is different.
Josefine C.
Mostly yoga and walking. Walking when o have a goal of where I want to get to or what I want to do. High intensity sometimes but takes a lot of effort to start
Cassandra Y.
I do body combat as my exercise. That's cardio and use martial arts as movements. There are a lot of videos in youtube as tutorial.
Kelly W.
Cardio is ideal in the mornings for waking up and feeling energised. I was doing yoga to begin with, thinking something gentle would be a great first step but found that cardio made for a better day. I stick a YouTube video on the TV and encourage my toddler to join in. Choosing a video the evening before (if I fancy a change or greater challenge) is good prep that sets me up for completing the exercise the following morning.
Birgit F.
I recommend anything that you enjoy. If your not sure, start with walking then try something like dancing or weights or swimming. Sports can be harder to pick up but the commitment to the team definitely helps motivation
Everett C.
It depends on what you like. I prefer exercising outdoors. I get too hot and sweaty inside and I get bored without a scenary change. I really enjoy walking and hiking. It's good exercise and you can enjoy the view and see things to prompt interesting thoughts.
Heather J.
For morning I recommend too do some simple yoga poses also, meditate helps by getting you to be more active throughout the day. : )