What exercise do you recommend pairing with dance? I take ballet, contemporary, and technique right now.

Vanessa Jackson
I would imagine either strength training or something like Yoga. A strengthening activity will ge great for your joint health e.g ankles to help prevent injury. Yoga would involve both strenthening and increasing flexibility.
Good Luck!

Gabriella Freeman
I think you could do the horizontal bop. JK! It seems like you exercise a lot. Perhaps something outside that is relaxing and off your feet, like kayaking?

Stephen Cooper
Stretch and yoga. Im not a big fan of dancing. But when its time for dance I'll take a lil stretch at the beginning and yoga at the end of it

Caroline M
Kickboxing : a lot of dance skills are used in kickboxing such as flexibility (to reach high with your feet e.g.), cardio, strength, core. Plus it is just great!!

Mabel Russell
Walking warms up the body & assist with deeper stretching which can increase flexability. I would also recommend planks to increase upper body strength for lifts.