When we begin to run and excersize for long time in the morning – is it best to eat before or after the excersize?

Wifi S.
I think the best is to eat after exercise, that's what i do, but sometimes your stomach says: JUST FEED ME so you gotta listen to it if you are really hungry
Ilse Y.
After. You May want to take a small bites like some nuts. But to move without breakfast means 1. You Burn your fatcells into energy, so you Will lose some Wright. 2. You reset your system so you can feel what breakfast you want/need this morning
Nicole J.
I can’t tell the right way or wrong way but for me I eat after. I am never hungry early in the morning and need about and hour and a half for my stomach to wake up, I do drink water first thing in the morning and that is always a welcome thing for my stomach. Even in the weekends I don’t eat until after about 2 hours after waking up. This is what works for me and my body.
Pelk N.
It’s not good to eat lots just before excercising – digesting food also takes up a lot of energy, so your body is already busy.