How do you motivate yourself to finish routines when you have a really bad day?

Frederik P.
I don't think about if I want to do my routine or not, I just do it before my mind finds a reason to stop. I know that if I won't start right away my mind will convince me to not start at all. Less thinking, more doing.
Louise Q.
I tend to tell myself finishing my routines will help me feel better. I tell myself it will help me feel better about not only my day but myself. No matter how hard life gets you have to try. And having a bad day is just another huge reason to finish your routines and feel accomplished with completing your goals.
Cecil J.
Feel great and proud about yourself ! Believe in yourself and say to yourself 'I Can Do This And more!' …Trust me here:You are great,unique, awesome and you know you are !no matter what others say….
Try affirmations , they'll help as soon as you get up ,or when you are in a bad mood,read it out loud and believe in it…and when you complete a routine ,you will automatically feel great…so just do it !

I Hope You Have A Great Day ☺️
And Also Hope This Helps….

Thank You 😊

Lisa M.
That is a good question as I believe a lot of ppl struggle with that, including myself. I try to picture how much better I feel after I do my routine/habits as a motivator, but I admit, that doesn't always work. Keep trying!
Cory P.
Sometimes I bribe myself, and sometimes I just tell myself that finishing the routine is the way to get back on track and turn the day around.
Bridget W.
Strip your routine down to bare minimum and do the best you can in those tough days. 1 off day does not ruin 10 good days. In the words of Dory " just keep swimming" you got what it takes.
Cecy F.
To be honest, at the moment that's something I'm struggling with myself right now. I keep putting things off until it's the "right time" to start doing it properly. But I at least log into the app everyday, which is half the battle. I don't ignore it, and I try to be accountable.
Sherri B.
Actually today is first day of my period and I can barely walk but I found some food and exercise that I could use to reduce my pain AND fulfill my challenge.
I think we all can personalise these habits and make them doable during our bad days and hard days.
Brett Z.
Hinestly right now im not very good at that. But I would like to be able to focus on the positives that happened during that day or what I have in my life I like. Then use that way of thinking and put it into doing my routine. Pkus there are positives to my life to be had from completing it
Edgar Z.
I sit down, take a deep breath and imagine I have crystal ball. It shows me the day so far, full of disappointments or failures or stresses, whatever made it a bad day. Then it shows me a future in which I'm lying in bed saying, "And on top of that I didn't even get my Fabulous goals done. What a loser." And another in which I did my routine and lie in bed saying, "At least I got one thing right today. I checked off my Fabulous list of things I do for myself." But I'm also realistic that perfection is not attainable and sometimes life has to be lived instead of focusing on and obsessing over perfection. So a sick child/friend/spouse or a distressed teen frustrated with homework or a strained muscle might take you out of your routine once in a while. Just do your best. I only use my crystal ball when I'm in a bad mood, not when other things in life interrupt my routine.