Are there any similar workout plans to the running one in here (Couch to 5K)? I have found the gradual increase in difficulty very helpful and motivating. Now I’m wondering if similar plans exist for things like yoga, HIIT and so on.

Gonzaga S.
For me, I like to do atleast 10 minutes of yoga in the morning to wake myself up and then I play softball during the day. I also try to get atleast 2 thousand steps in each day. It's easy to start just going around and walking, listen to the nature. Then you can gradually start to run to the mesmerizing voices that nature provides, and then you can test your limits and run a 5K.
Felix N.
I haven’t found a plan like couch to 5k in the app, but I have apps I have been using outside of Fabulous to compliment it.

I love Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. She has multiple 30 day series you can do to build the habit. I’m starting one today!

Stacey E.
One option could be Fitnessblender. Fitnessblender is a YouTube channel that has hundreds of free workout videos, and they cater to all difficulty levels, and include low-impact modifications for people who are just getting started on exercise, people recovering from injury, and people who are on an active rest day. The five-day challenge playlists are a great place to start. The paid workout plans on the Fitnessblender website are also a really good option for beginners because they allow you to pick and choose between the “standard” workout for the day or a “beginner’s alternative version” for the first two weeks.
Constance S.
You should try the Body Coach TV on YouTube he has a Day by day plan with each session being a higher intensity of HIIT workout. It’s only 15-20 mins long and you can add a warm up and cool down to extend the fat burning period
Ronnie B.
Just pick a workout that is right for you no judgement here. Pick one that is comfortable with your schedule, yourself, and your environment. I hope you find one. 😉😉
Isaac E.
for HiiT theres something called Freeletics. Its a (mostly) equipment-free workout program forgetting full body ripped. Last I checked on it though, it was great with one exception: It seems like its all front and no back, i.e pushups and all but no workout for you back, which seemed neglected. Otherwise its great. Oh, and its brutal, but I'd say take it easy first. If you been a couch rat all your life, remember, muscles get stronger faster than tendons and ligaments. Also, make sure you learn the proper form cuz I understand that the handstand pushups can damage your shoulder tendons if not done right (overhead press kinda thing is bad if arms/elbows are parallel to your back, so have elbosnout out in front of your chest a bit, like maybe 30 degrees, but plz research that and verify first)
Vicki C.
Yes there is. I’m using yoga with Adriene. She released a calendar beginning of the month and it has workout plan for every day.
Lucy Q.
There is issues with your daily time line does not work well according to the late routines of the day , it always keeps going to the morning routine and it is getting annoying, when it is already afternoon or late evening and keeps going like stuck in the early morning routine
Carl J.
You could try body pump. For new starters there’s an option to leave half way through the class. Any good instructor for any class should be able to guide you to a beginners level of exercise so it’s worth going and having a look at something you are interested in and speaking to the instructor. If they can’t offer you something or appear disinterested DON’T use them as there a plenty of great instructors out there. In Yoga it’s all about you. Find a class you like and give it a go. If you feel intimidated go elsewhere. Again there are great instructors who can and should support you
Hans Rainer F.
I found Yoga with Adriene on YouTube Wonderful for all levels. You can start with her beginner videos & work your way up. I started with the shorter videos & beginner. I have been consistent & have seen powerful growth. Best Wishes!
Olivia Z.
I plan to run a 10 k in less than a month. I am not able to train for it because I feel I will get mental work done in the morning which I am able to.
I write in the mornings.
I regularly do hiit and Pilates and weight training.
Wondering if the 7 minute in morning would make a difference
Ella W.
I’ve found helpful gradual workout plans on Grokker and Daily Burn. The app Aaptiv has also been great at gradually introducing someone to a yoga or HIIT practice.
Merigley O.
I use the “Nike Training Club” app. It allows you to select different workouts with different levels and durations. Plus, it’s free 😬👍🏼
Andy P.
Yes, there are several yoga and workout apps and programs. For workouts, the Zen series are well designed. I also recommend the Gold's Gym AMP app.

For yoga, the 28-day yoga beginners plan. I also enjoy the 5-minute yoga app.

Note, I use an Android phone so I'm not sure these apps are available for iPhones

Mathias Q.
I actually have never used them but yoga is a good one to do at home. I will say don’t take on excessive exercise without consulting your doctor, that also includes diets as well. HIIT should really only be attempted in a class, so you warm up and cool down correctly. It is an extremely hard exercise and if not done properly can lead to physical harm.