How do you stay consistent with exercising especially in cold weather?

Rem Gio Q.
I usually do it indoors on my peleton bike or use my weights. But if I feel like going outdoors I put on a coat and go for a run

Eliza Q.
Have both indoor and outdoor exercise options! Not only does it create a reason to work out no matter what the weather is like, but by switching it up you can target different muscle groups in different ways so your results won't plateau

An Sio F.
I love working out as it helps my mood, eating habits and in recent times I have lost weight and gained muscles. Taking pictures once I a while, helps me feeling motivated to strive for better results and stay mentally and emotionally healthy.

Sourab F.
Pushing myself saying that a reward is waiting for me after that. I will add one more day in my streak. That's enough for me to repeat a good habit daily.

Lioba F.
The other name of exercise is worm up. So, at first it may be so cold but after a few minutes I feel so hot like it's summer because I sweat. And that is how I do so.

Hanane X.
Prepare your outfit the night before and practice visualizing. Don't forget to celebrate each time you finish your exercise sessions