How can I keep my motivation to be able to do the exercise routine every morning?

Carol P.
If you can’t do a lot, do a little. Do so little, it’s basically ridiculous. And when you do your exercise, during and after, thank yourself genuinely for putting in the amount of effort you’re able to in order to take care of yourself and do something so many people cannot and don’t want to do. And notice how good the sweat and tiredness feels afterwards. Notice how good it’ll make you feel forever. Acknowledge everything that exercise helps you with from mood to stress to longevity to avoiding diseases to avoiding food comas and energy dips.
Queija E.
Try having a song that motivates you to get moving as your alarm. If you're a dancer pick a song that you love dancing to.
Martin W.
Keep your exercise clothes beside your bed and put them on right after waking up but don't forget to stretch a little bit before doing that. Also bind your routine with pleasure like your favorite music or radio show
Martins C.
I find that it’s helpful to remove sources of friction ahead of starting your workout plan. For example, I do not like to get out of a warm bed straight outside for a cold run. I do my exercise inside my home in my pajamas. To stay motivated I commit not to doing the workout, but filling out my workout log every day. By the time I write my entry I’m ready to work out and would feel guilty for quitting without actually doing the workout.
Louisa P.
Understanding that’s not motivation, but commitment the key to success. Stick to the plan, don’t think, just tell yourself “let’s go! Just do it”.
Thea B.
When did you start? If it’s the beginning, stick to it and it will become easier afterwards. If not, for me this is the result of a long period where I was wanting to change but doing nothing and now I’m telling myself that this is the path to my new me. It took some weeks but now I don’t feel complete and good without my morning routine and my motivation is essentially the fact that I don’t want to loose again that “feel good” and “bright future” feeling. Good luck!
Evan O.
Do something you really like and that cheers you up. Put on your favourite song and decide that you will exercise to it. Make it fun and silly so it doesn’t feel like exercise. Good luck!
Sofia A.
Think about how good it will feel after and even if there’s nothing else productive in your day , at least you got that done.
C Cero Y.
If I wake up earlier than usual with a well sleep, I could make it more easily. Ofcourse I should also stop playing with my phone when I wake up.
Cecil E.
Ultimately it's not motivation, it's discipline. It's showing up for yourself even on days you don't want to. To help make becoming disciplined easier, make sure to make working out in the morning easy. Lay out your work clothes, have a glass of water by the bed so you can start hydrating right when you wake up. Cultivate a playlist that makes you feel good. Put your alarm somewhere you have to get up to turn it off. Set yourself up for success
Brennan W.
By constantly reminding yourself that it will yield great benefits to you in the long run. Plus you owe that to you body!
Faustine W.
It's working for me to dress in clean exercise clothing every night, so in the morning I am ready to go. It's hard to make excuses when you're ready to go.
Ethan F.
You don't need motivation to brush your teeth in the morning. You don't need motivation to do exercise, you need discipline. Plan ahead exactly what you want to do, leave your shoes and clothes ready, leave time to do it and tell yourself "I choose to do this". And only do a couple minutes on the first week. Once the habit is set you can add more.
Herbert F.
You’ve got to want to do it for your own good. Not see it as a chore. And don’t think it has to be long, little and often is the way. And when you don’t exercise, don’t let that set the tone for the next day, keep going
Bertram Z.
To be honest, I don't know. I just know that I need it, cause my 95kg aren't comfortable for me and there is no way they're are going away without me excercising. Checking my weight every morning helps me to remember this.
El Onore E.
My motivation is I am 41 and I want my back. I have a 5 year old. My body totally changed. So I just get it over with in the morning after I take meds and vitamins. My focus is building stamina. I want to watch my beautiful daughter grow up. So time for good health!
Claudia J.
I schedule myself to wake up a bit earlier and do it first thing in the morning – this way I know I've done something for me, and I prioritized myself😊
Astrid W.
I have found that it's not about feeling motivated. For me, it's about drawing from the inertia I tend to feel when I've established the habit. Once I have that cue, the thing that keeps me is knowing that exercise is something that is good for me. And when I feel good, my life is easier.
I hope this helps!
Edgar J.
In my case I always watch the news every morning. However, instead sitting on my coach I just hop up a down a little bit in front of the tv. Just try to integrate it with something you are already doing. You can do it! 🙂
Colleen E.
What works for me is I do small intervals. Did you know a 20 minute walk equals 1 mile? So I do 4, throughout the day. I put on good music and it's a breeze!
Celestine Y.
Keep your running shoes or yoga mat by your bed. Sleep in your workout clothes. If you’re really unmotivated then just stretch. Then do 20 jumping jacks. Then celebrate. That’s SOMETHING.
Louise Z.
What I do it instead of you intense exercise I do yoga because it is a form of exercise, getting ready for the day, and mind setting.
Carmen U.
Think about your goal, about the reason why you decided to start exercising and then just get on with it 🙂
Put your training clothes somewhere in plain sight, start your sphere ritual and start exercising x
Jeremias Q.
Personalize the routine to make it your own, not just “the” routine. Add your favorite music. Change up the sequences and sets. Every week, add a few more variations to keep it fun for you.
Jenny O.
For me, it comes down to incorporating the routine as part of my «every day life». Instead of taking the bus, I walk the distance or at least part of it, depending on where I am headed. The effort for me: planning to wake up a bit earlier to fit walking into my schedule. The walking part is no effort, I really enjoy it, and it kickstarts my day!
Jer Nimo I.
For me personally, it has just “clicked” ON subconsciously.
I just jump out of bed and do my excersise routine, like drinking the cup of water I have set the night before near my bed. Every time makes it easier and before you know it you are unhappy NOT doing your routines!!

Have fun changing, even the bitter moments of uncertainty have a sweet aftertaste! 😉

Math O Q.
I tend to focus on the short term end goal. But i also don’t do big impossible exercise i start slow, yoga or 7 minute workout or walk before going to work
Max E.
The night before layout your workout clothes and shoes some visible when you first wake up. Have that first drink as soon as you wake up, then get ready and imagine the end state, imagine how your going to feel. A sense of accomplishment or a feel good sensation. And if you find yourself doubting you can do it one day or another, just commit to 10 minutes and if you feel that you still can’t do it then it’s okay try for the next day , but never give up. Sometimes by the end of the 10 minutes you want to keep going and you do.
Katrine X.
Greetings, it can be difficult but what motives me is a pair of jeans I would like to fit in again by summer. And staying healthy overall. Have you thought the reason you started with fabulous or the exercise training. When you feel like quitting picture the reward that’s ahead. Fitting into clothes that you previously owned. Is it to stay healthy look good for yourself. It’s hard but you can do it! We also have a great support system here. Hope my response help you. Have a great day and remember you can do it!
Anton P.
You just need to set a goal and don't deviate from it. Keep telling it to yourself and to people around you. It will eventually grow and you will be doing it unconscious.
Jaque N.
Commit to doing something, even 1 minute of exercise. Feel proud of yourself for accomplishing exercise. If you are able to make it a daily habit, your energy level will increase and you will feel like doing more eventually.
Meghan O.
The best thing to do is anything. It doesn't matter how small, even if it's just the 1 minute routine (which is the one I've started off with). The worst thing you can do is avoid it all together. Also, maybe do something that is fun for you. Could you dance around to your favourite song, for example? Good luck!
Constance Z.
Recognize that the exercise routine is something that helps take care of three aspects of your day, it helps you get the blood and oxygen moving through your body to start the day, is good for your health, and keeps you looking good!
J Natas N.
You need to have a goal. Motivation is good but won't always be there and when your motivation has gone, you need to remember that goal and why you're doing this.