Do you have to do the same exercise every day?

Tassilo W.
Might be, depends on what i am focusing. But I am focusing on the routine and „ritual“. As long continue my habits, i‘ll improve!
Aj W.
No; the point is to get moving in some way at least 3x a week. Move however you please(my favorite way is dancing and/or doing rigorous chores /errands)!
Tatiana F.
You can, yet you can do something different every day until you find something you really enjoy doing and don’t mind doing it on a regular basis for 10+ mins, say 3-4 times a week. The rest of the days it could be yoga, stretching, dancing, swimming…
Melany Y.
No. I don't have to do the same everyday. Now that I started I could try different things until I found what really motivates me to keep on it.
Chelsea E.
No, you can do an alternating workout schedule that works more heavily on different parts of the body. That way nothing gets overly fatigued.
F Tima B.
For me, I sometimes change from week to week. But, has of lately, I have found one that I actually have stayed for more than a week. I also have one for when I really want to push a little bit more.
I always try to walk for 30 minutes per day in order to have a actual routine.
I guess what I can say is that it depends on the person, for me the only exercise that never changes is the walking for 30 minutes.
Sadeha F.
No I switch it up. Sometimes I work on my arms period sometimes I work on my core and legs. Sometimes I dance and stretch. Sometimes I do cardio, it's all about balance
Natasha P.
No, it’s more effective to do different exercises each day to build strength and total body stamina. When your body gets used to doing the same exercise everyday it stops responding to the exercise with muscle building. The only exception is cardio (running, walking, stair climbing) with targets endurance and cardiovascular health as opposed to muscle building and strength.