I’d like to know how to stay on the path I’m on, I dont want to slip back into old behaviors.

Tia N.
I see a therapist and she told me that when the feel the urge to go back into your old habits
Acknowledge that you are having an urge
Notice your thoughts and feelings, without trying to suppress them
Remind yourself, it’s OK to have urges They are natural reactions to addictions and habits
An urge is a feeling, not a must I can have this feeling And choose not to act
Use healthy coping skills to reduce the power of triggers. Know your triggers ahead of time, and have a Strategy or skill prepared for each one example: deep breathing if stressed, leave the location if it’s a high risk, eating if hungry
For delay and distractions with the urges: Go for a walk, listen to music, call a friend, read a book, practice a hobby