What do you do when you don’t have enough time?

Alfred C.
I try to organize my priorities and write them down in a to do list, then I try to be mindful of the time I spend doing each thing. There are things that are non negotiable to me so I try to do them even though I don’t have enough time, it doesn’t matter if it’s not at the habitual time.

Antoine E.
Do something small. 5% is always better than nothing! It doesn't have to be big, but a couple of minutes to stretch your back and legs or adding that side of lettuce to your lunch will already be making progress!

Bridget O.
I struggle with time management a lot, but when I don’t have enough time to do something, I’ve been trying to adjust my schedule accordingly, spending less time on each task to try and fit it in. If you really don’t have time to do something, though, you should go easy on yourself, and let whomever (if anyone) necessary that your schedule is just too busy. 🙂

Chloe C.
Well i would do it later, but in the future i would set time stamps to now when to do it so i have enough time for everything.