If you’ve tried more than one exercise, which is your favorite?

Felecia C.
I do versa fit and LOVE it! It’s a high intensity, low impact workout. If there’s a studio near you that offers it, I highly recommend! I also go in morning walks when I can to start working up a sweat and ease me into the workout process lol.
Alex J.
I’ve tried wing Chun, Taekwondo, boxing, tennis and table tennis, among a few others. I am still doing Taekwondo and boxing and tennis. I would recommend picking up a marriage art and sticking with it for a few years or until you get black belt. I am currently in my 3rd year of actively practicing Taekwondo with a rank of black tip (1 rank below black belt).
Sharon G.
well I haven’t really been to the gym I mean I just started going and I’ve only been going for about a month in a couple weeks and I like it it makes me feel good gets me out of the house. It have to say the chest exercise I could do without not very good at it right now because I have no upper body strength. I do like doing squats and working my glutes. I like just kind of winging it and just see what I’m capable of doing I have surprise myself a few too many times with the weight and how much I can actually been sure pick up or whatever it may be.